Saturday, February 21, 2015

the why of alternative medicine // intro

In January, we bought our essential oils starter kit, and I've loved trying them out in our home everyday since.  For awhile, this change has been on my heart and seeing my aunt get them & use them for her family after being exhausted with buying drugstore meds for household sickness, it gave me the extra nudge I needed to go in & do it.

I've started many conversations about these oils, because I want to hear what other people have heard about them, what their thoughts are.  It seems to me, there seems to be a little bit of a revolution starting in our country as far as health is concerned.  This is just as a person who gets most of her news from mainstream media and friends and family.  

My interest in alternative medicine probably stems from the fact that I've always been a little bit uncomfortable at the doctor.  I'm not sure when it started, but definitely escalated more in the era of having female exams, birth control, and such in my life.  

My experience in the hospital giving birth definitely wasn't negative, but I wanted more out of my prenatal care the next time, and I got it while pregnant with Eliza and under the care of two caring midwives, who visited my home in the more traditional manner, before our very modernized methods of medicine.  I've written about Eliza's birth and hope to share some of those experiences in a helpful way here for my friends who are thinking about having babies and who are curious about going that route for care.  Eventually, I'll corral all the pictures I want to use and post that here.  For now, let me say that working with that natural, relaxed, approach was so positive for my well-being, and I am SO THANKFUL for that.  

We watch free Hulu once or twice a week- our shows are Parks & Rec and Nashville.  Undoubtedly, ads for medicines pop up, and I always wince at the long list of side-effects at the end. Why so many side effects from something that should just help you?  Are there tons of side effects from essential oil use?  When used wisely and moderately, no.  

Following along with this essential oils "phenomenon", I've begun to understand that while it's catching speed quickly for many women in their homes these days, it's also a more traditional, tried-and-true approach to health.  There are options for tackling all sorts of health issues from allergies to hormones to sinus infections to the flu (to pulled muscles to snoring and headaches, too).  Options for natural cleaning and cleansing, and for lifting your mood or calming yourself, all plant-based.  Just the thought of using resources from plants to help yourself inspires me.  

I recently watched an online class focusing on the "cornerstones of health: nutrition, exercise, sleep, essential oils", and it gave a lot of great information which I'm still studying up on (and refining my habits in the first three categories).  

Mother Nature is beautifully powerful, I'm beginning to understand more and more how essential oils are an amazing branch between flora & fauna.


more soon.... and if you are interested in getting essential oils into your hands, I can help!  Go here.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Mtn mama: 7/52

This portraits project is doing nothing but show me how quickly the weeks barrel by!! 

You girls sure do take it outta me!  I have all the best intentions for so many things, and want to find more energy for you!  

My lights!

You two are just loving eachother more & more, learning to share & play a little bit together.  It is sweet so see and I think about how you're so much like baby animals!  

Eliza has 6+ teeth & loves to crawl & stand to walk around furniture. Says "hi" all the time, smiles & claps and still loves to snuggle.  

Josey Bean, you're turning into such a little girl! So sweet & helpful and full of fire! Current loves are painting and Frozen.  Your "special movie".  Other fantastic quotes of late: 
"I need some privat-cy." 
"Actually, um..." (with the cutest lip-smack and tuck of the girls behind the ears)
"With Eliza" (your response whenever I mention the next outing)

It is amazing to watch you grow.  It scares me, too.  Thinking about my childhood, my hurts and dreams and, how sensitive I was.  I see it all in you, too.  I want to help you through all the scary things, and I want to have FUN with you, too.  

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Mtn Mama: 6/52

Although we were all feeling a little under-the-weather, we checked out the 
Winter Carnival Parade 2015

Sunday, February 1, 2015


"Do you want to build a snowman?"

(Baby needs shades.)

Josey wanted to make a snowman on the big rocks by the beach.

"Eliza wanna get on here. She needs to make the snowman."



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