Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Choir Chatter: Back to School!

School days, school days... I am back in the classroom at a part-time (.67) teaching job in the Whitefish Schools this year. While I am super-excited about the music aspect, the inevitable planning and organization needed is taking a bit for my brain to kick back into gear!

I was planning to go back to the classroom next year, when Josey goes to Kindergarten, but this really felt like this position was calling to me. SO- I will be teaching High School and Middle School Choir classes!

When I applied for the position, which was listed as two sections of 7/8 choir, I wrote in my letter that I would like to see the sections divided between Boys & Girls. I am so thankful the Principal made it happen, because I honestly don't think I have it in me to teach two combined sections of 7/8 choir back-to-back. Middle-schoolers can be tough!

I'm trying to get organized with choosing music for everyone and getting going because our first concert is October 11th!  I also am not remembering all of the activities and rounds, etc. that I once knew, scouring through the materials I can find and just trying everyday. I'm working with a pretty disorganized library and just trying to get a grasp on what music we actually have and go with it. Thankfully the kids are all so sweet!

Hope to post back here periodically because I loved blogging about teaching the first time around.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

I saw a Piano

I saw a piano on a trailer this afternoon. The driver was pulled over, letting some of the traffic thining out before he started driving the instrument down the road again. The piano was all strapped up, and by the way he smiled at me, I knew he was driving it to a home and a person waiting to play it.

Music is such a beautiful thing. I am constantly in amazement, that I am paid to listen to children play music, and share this passion of mine. My eyes often fill with tears during lessons, because I just believe these moments with music are so precious.

Every couple days I find myself in conversation with someone and their family about music- everyone's eyes light up when they talk about it, how they wish they'd kept playing or would like to sit down more often.

Sharing here what I always tell them- it's never too late! It's never too late to start something new or bring back something you loved. If you have a song in you, get it out!

You can SING your HEART out! You can tickle the ivories. You can learn ukulele! You can pluck notes on guitar! You can play the songs you memorized when you were young. You can do it. There are resources, there is time. Instead of getting eye-cancer for staring at our phones, let's do something different.

Life is short, and I believe that it's too short not to use the gifts we've been given, to let life expand further, in color, in harmonies, into every corner.

Life is too short not to look people in the eye, to acknowledge each soul, in mutual respect.

Life is happening, these are the days! If you are interested in participating at North Valley Music School, we have options for you from lessons to classes. Please get in contact with our office!


Sunday, February 14, 2016


This space has set quiet since last May, and it's time I just start making time to chronicle here again. I've had a hard time focusing on what to write when there has been so much going on in different professional and personal avenues.

So I bring myself back to why I started the blog, and that was to write for my girl (now girls), to have a place to process motherhood and to share some of what was going on for me. I wanted that reminder - peace love music- they grow. It'll always be true.

Now, it's been almost a year since I've written. Summer has passed, Holidays have passed, and the girls are getting bigger.

Eliza is showing flashes of the terrible twos and speaking full-on sentences.
Josey is learning to write, and is wonderful at coloring, and much easier to negotiate with.

I do hope to share more here, of my sweet Valentines, and our life in our new home.
We'll see. For now, a few pictures from our summer.

Happy Valentines Day to you, and I hope you are doing something nice for yourself tonight!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Mamas Oils: Getting Started

I have recently had a few friends sign up for premium starter kits with Young Living! I am so excited for them to experience their 11 different oils & diffuser.  I decided to write up a few things that I learned the hard way when receiving my oils, because although it can feel overwhelming, it doesn't have to.  Take time in life, especially the good things in life!

Safety First:  

Each bottle has instructions for best use as well as warnings.  Read, and find out what works for you.

Always keep oils on a shelf out of reach of children.  These bright-colored bottles are magnets for little hands, we teach that they are "mamas oils" and therefore, I need to administer them. (Daddy helps from time-to-time, too...)

Also, keep oils screwed really tightly when transporting.

Avoid direct contact with eyes, and do not insert in ear canal.

Hot Oils are a real thing- they may create a quick, sharp sensation when first applied. Peppermint, clove (in thieves), oregano, are a couple hot oils.

Essential Oils break down petrochemicals so are no good in plastic- always drink out of glass. (Young Living diffusers are hospital-grade plastic, so the oils won't break them down).  They also can cause photo-sensitivity, so be careful about applying on skin before sun exposure.

A Little Goes a Loooonng Way

Young Living Oils are extremely concentrated & pure.

Jar of coconut oil + a few favorite oils

Carry Me

There are ways you can help the oil distribute better.  Like, using a carrier oil when applying oils topically.  I always use a carrier oil for my girls, and I often use one on James and I, too, usually Coconut Oil, which we keep in little jars in each room.  I just grab a small amount in my palm, add one drop of Young Living Oil, and massage between my hands, then I'm ready to apply.

I also use coconut oil with a drop of thieves, frankincense, or tea tree for Oil Pulling every so often.

You should also use a 'carrier' to use your oils in the bath.  If you just drop the oil in the water, it won't disperse throughout, and if it is a hot oil, it might hurt!  So, put a pump of bodywash or bubbles (we use Honest), and add a few drops in your hand.  Mix it up a bit before putting under the spout.  OR, add to epsom salts.

Topical Topics

Essential Oils work very well topically beyond just the area you rub it on.  This is evident when pushing a drop of peppermint to the roof of your mouth for a headache, or using minty oils on feet to reduce a child's cough.  Think of a nicotine or birthcontrol patch, while you are only putting this on a small part of the body, the product works beyond that area to make a change.

I have also started adding apricot oil to bottles that are getting down there and caped with a roller for easy application!  Since Young Living oils are so potent, this has been an amazing way to extend the life of my oils and make diluted roll-ons of favorites like thieves and peace & calming for my girls.

Smells Like.... 

They call it aromatherapy for a reason.  Inhaling, or smelling, these oils can be the best way for your body and mind to heal.  When you are trying oils, feel free to take time, and just experience the aroma. Start noticing the scent when you first open the bottle.  Slowly bring it to your nostrils, try inhaling through each one separately, then together.  It might sound a little strange, but opening up your nose does a lot for your pituitary gland!  I love sharing the smells with our little girl and talking about them!

I've also started noticing that the scents stay with me, and it feels like they can help set my mind on a better wavelength or tone.  Peace & Calming and Endoflex are two of my favorites for that reason.

Not every order looks like this, but don't you want to smell them all?

Drink Water.  Lots!

When you begin using the oils, they can start a detoxing effect on your cells throughout your body, helping .  Think of the effects of a massage.  If you don't drink enough water, you may feel achy and sore or get a headache.  Same with eo's, so drink up.

Look for the Little Dot

The big hole you see in the center of your bottle is not where the oil comes out, it's actually a little tiny hole to the side.  If you can find this (especially with the faster-flowing oils), it will be easier to control the amount you use.

Hard to see, but it's right above my thumb here.  

Give yourself time.

On first smell, some, few, or many of the oils might smell strange to you.  There is a saying in the apothecary world that if you really don't like the smell of a certain oil, it's actually because there is a component in that oil's makeup that your body needs.  What?!  While that might seriously sound like crazy talk, I have found it to be true.  When I first smelled "Joy", I didn't like the smell.  Now, wearing the scent makes me happier and helps me feel more balanced when I'm feeling hormonal.

Use a Resource You Like, and Keep Learning!

I've gotten started with downloading the Reference Guide for Essential Oils App on my phone and have loved reading the uses, properties, and applications of the different oils.  I also bought the Gentle Babies book, and it is a great resource to have on hand for treating non-emergency issues that come up for children & mamas.  You can also check out this oily testimonial site.  While these are just personal stories (which is why you have to sign up for the site & verify you are a real person), they can give you a good idea of how oils have worked for other people and some ideas to try if you have a specific issue you are trying to solve.

Find what works for you.

There is so much information out there about essential oils, they have kindof exploded on the internet/mom blog/pinterest scene.  There are differing opinions on many aspects of the oils, and they are being researched for their benefits in many areas of medicine, and the FDA has been getting involved as well. I know this for sure:  Oils are different than modern medicine, they come from Mother Nature herself.  They are not synthetic and while they don't always give you that instant change (although diffusing lavendar + lemon + cedarwood has helped me feel big relief in this month of allergies), they also won't give you side-effects like so so many of the prescriptions on the market.  Use your intuition and your intellect, you know your family and you know yourself.

If you have any questions about essential oils, feel free to comment, call, facebook or email me!  Oh, and follow my instagram account where I try to share oily things, it's called MamasOils if you want to follow.

At the beginning of each month, I get my Essential Rewards order together.  If you would like to order something to try, I will happily share my Wholesale discount with you.  See price catalog here & get in touch.

Ready to incorporate these oils in your life in a bigger way?

Sign-up as a Young Living Member

Choose the Premium Starter Kit- it comes with 11 different oils, a diffuser, and lots of samples.  


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