Saturday, April 11, 2015

Peace and Calming // Shop Talk

the lake is long-melted now.
A good night here in the Flathead.... it was the Pond Skim at Ski Whitefish, and so we all drove up after the girls' nap.  Josey and I took Chair 3 and looked down on the blue body of water, with a shark in it, and watched a guy ski across and another sink in the pool.  It was easy getting off the lift, I am so excited to ski with her 8 months from now! We skied to the right and down around // thru the slushy snow... Josey was "getting stressed".  When we realized the chairlift was no longer running, and it was time to find our friends.  She followed me down the stairs, which quickly clogged up with festive end-of-season, pond skimmers// spotting friends, making friends.  Josephine is so friendly!

I am always wanting to write, but of late become distracted by life happening around me and less likely to take an idea from sprout to fruition.

There are many wonderful personalities in this life.  My friends from grade school to now come through my memories and while it's completely impossible for all to be present at the once, lately, I've thought about how poignant one's past (which is but a collection of present moments stored for later) can be to creating a more influential now.

Also, I've been feeling super lucky to have made the move from the Bitterroot to the Flathead, and on Friday, which is my favorite since James is Home in the mornings and then I head East to teach a few music classes.  That time in the classroom is huge for my ego.  This week, I ran into a past choir student, Madeline, visiting her mama's Elementary school, miles from the classroom & stage we share memories together.  Seeing her reminded me how close our experiences can still be, how worth pursuing and finding.  She told me that I'm missed in Florence.  I was teary and flushed, and drove away with a pit in my heart, which I felt for so many students in Florence.  I miss you all!  Keep singing.  

While being "stay at home" is great and all, it's really hard for me to create our own daily schedule and basically impossible unless I can procure a paycheck and a feeling of self-worth beyond my immediate family.

Asking myself- what does an ideal day look like?  Complete with the cleaning and cooking and adventuring that I want to get done.

I have been wanting to post my work schedule because a couple of you who follow my blog have commented on my working part time which I have to say all moms of littles should consider! I also just want it here as a timestamp to look back on and say- I love the amount of work I'm doing right now. //

Part time weekly schedule
Until the End of May,

North Valley Music
T- 3:15-7 :: Voice/Piano
W- 4:30-7 :: Voice/Piano
F- 1-5
(Cayuse Prairie :: 2-3 and Child Development Center 3:45-4:15)

and Outside Kids at 10 on alternating days!


I dock 5-10 hours per week over at Glacier Park Boat Company's Website/Social Media as well.  I need to create more of a set schedule for myself for this work in the evening hours.  This is my first experience on Wordpress, it's a great way to practice blogging and social media practice, and I'm learning a TON.  I feel thankful for the opportunity to have potential income and growth in this avenue, and I have been working more on how to do a better job in this area over the summer.


Over this summer, I will be working with Glacier National Park Lodges to facilitate music at Many Glacier Hotel.  Playing piano there was a dream job I received as a young college student, and now it is my dream to continue music there.  I am volunteering now, as I've been all along, until I start getting paid in May, to keep the Hootenanny going.  Once upon a time, there was employee music showcased in the Hotel each and every night of the week.  This summer, you can count on Tuesdays and Saturdays at 9 pm as well as other dates for employee music.  Contact me here if you have any interest or questions!  Thanks!


On top of all of it, I have signed on as a wholesale member with Young Living, as you've probably noticed if you've been reading along.  If you go ahead and look into this company, you'll see that they have the best selection of essential oils, they have an excellent commitment to each stage of this product's development, and a ridiculously interesting list of health benefits.

Those of you who've already begun to love aromatherapy and its effects on psychology, relaxation, immunity, etc, you know that it's can be a bit of an addiction.  It's exciting to experience those scents and sensations develop and heal.  Scents like "Peace and Calming" can have a profound effect on a person, and to think that it's all from distillation of god-made plants?  Ah!!

While I love the products, and don't see myself wanting to ever stop using them, my life's mission is music.  BUUUUUT.  I hope to keep going with my Essential Rewards orders (each month, I order $50 minimum of worth of product.... for me + friends.  I get a percentage back and have a wishlist so it will hopefully work out!)  Increasing my family's, and my own, personal health through this is huge, but I don't want to be obsessed.


On the day-to-day, I still feel tired, and guilty about it.  Then people tell me how energetic my girls are, and I try to cut myself some slack.  I experiment with cutting caffeine, gluten etc.... with sleeping more and running and stretching... and I guess it helps a little.  Overall, I think I'll just always be a little bit tired as a mama.  Although I'd like to find a balance where I'm accomplishing more and sleeping really hard.  More energy, yes!

We'll see.


This published post is brought to you by a few yummy cocktails on the skihill and a will to publish.  Happy reading, happy weekending, y'all!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March 31

Well the month is basically over, and I have so many small snippets of writing in the cue here, but nothing to really grab onto.  I wanted to publish something before the month is over (and may retroactively go in for some 52 weeks archives.)

James was so sweet and got our friend Margaret to babysit on Sunday so we could have some one-on-one.  We had a ball on the slopes and even had a Bloody Mary before picking them up!

They had a ball dying eggs!

Also, thought I'd do a little writing about our day, some mommy blogs I read do posts like these - a normal day, preserved, and I like it.  I'm including the essential oils because I had an extra oily day. Didn't take many pics today though:

-Last night, the girls had Lavender in the diffuser.  I put some Cedarwood on my hairline (for sleep and hair growth.  Yes, sometimes I feel like my hairline is receding...), Valor on my feet and back (for balance and help with teeth-grinding) before bed.  I stayed up late reading Gentle Babies, a great reference on EO use for mamas, babies, and children.

-Eliza woke around 4:00 and we let her cry and argued for an hour before James finally gave her a bottle and she went back to sleep. For the most part, she's been sleeping through the night, but it's hard when she has those early-morning wake ups and wants a bottle.  Then, James dealt with the girls in the morning because I was sleeping so hard!  He kissed me goodbye and said they were eating breakfast. 

-I walked out to the living room, said good morning and put Endoflex on my thyroid and back, and made a cup of yogi tea.

-We had a mellow morning with some eating, coloring and book-reading, and then Josey watched Frozen while Eliza napped and I tried to fix our vacuum (duh- wash the filter every two months like it says). 

-Once E woke up, I brought the girls down to the WAVE daycare because I wanted to get some more cleaning done in peace. I packed their snacks in the new Olaf lunch bag and set them up outside in the play area on some play cars when we got there.  Eliza waved "bye" to me and watched me drive away!  So sweet seeing them grow older.

-Got home and drank some coffee... (maybe should have chosen peppermint tea instead)
too much coffee.  Cleaned the laundry room, folded clothes, swept, did dishes, sprayed my Thieves spray and wiped off everything, decided it might be my favorite smell in the world.

-I started diffusing Peace and Calming for them and got their room presentable for naptime.  Maybe it's silly that I take them to daycare so I can clean their room... Couldn't find my keys while I was leaving and started to panic ... remembered *pockets!* I wore a coat when I dropped them off (doh.)

-The girls were so happy to see me when I got there!  I had missed them, too. We came home and played with some musical instruments and I made lunch (steamed cauliflower and fruit and cheese + crackers and dried seaweed).  They were getting really tired so we did our Naptime routine (bathroom/diaper, read a book/bottle for Liza).

-My vision started getting spotty and I was having a hard time saying the words I was thinking as I was talking Josey down and feeding Eliza.  Once I put them down, I came out and realized I had a bad headache (I get mild ones pretty often but never like this).  I took two ibuprofen, and I took my bottle of Peppermint (which has been great for relieving my past mild headaches) and inhaled a few times in each nostril separately, then together.  Big, deep breaths.... still lots of pain.

-I tried laying down and it was worse so I kept folding laundry and washed dishes.  I did a Neti-pot... I took my Panaway mixture and gave myself a neck massage.  Everything seemed to give temporarily relief, then the headache came back hard.  I laid down and finally emailed James that I thought it was a migraine and if he could come home, I would love it.

-Josey woke up after I had been laying down for awhile and was so sweet when I told her I didn't feel well.  She gave me a bunch of hugs and some water and when James came in the door she told him "Mom doesn't feel good Dada!"

-He brought Excedrin and told me to put pressure behind my neck.  I took one and then laid down with the bottle behind my neck.  I rarely ever have migraines and after this day I feel so bad for people who do!  After I finally put earplugs in and fell asleep, I was better for awhile.

-I got up and played with the girls while James made Tacos for Tuesday.  We ate and put the girls in a bath with a few drops of lavender in the bubbles.  

-We got them in their jams and read a few books.  I diffused one drop Eucalyptus with two drops Valor and didn't hear a peep after we left the room (we will see about 4 in the morning though)!

-I made my own bath while James went to go skateboarding.  Four drops of Peace and Calming in a big cup of Epsom salts and to relax in the water.

-Now I'm ending my day with my husband, Birdman, a cup of Citrus Fresh tea with Glacier County Honey. I took one more Excedrin, and rubbed more Panaway mix on my sinuses, because I thought I felt the migraine creeping back in.  I used more oils today than usual to try and help with that blasted headache, but I am so glad that I have them and can experiment with their natural relief!  If you want to know more, contact me, or read the other essential oils posts on my blog!

...March is closing out and I am so excited for April and May!  Big birthday months around here and we are going to have a lot of fun this Spring in Whitefish! 

Have a great Easter week!

Monday, March 9, 2015


Girl is waving & clapping, saying all sorts of "hiiis" and "Mama" and "Dada", loves to giggle and wrastle with sissy. Shakers & singing too! Such a sweet girl.

Always special, always spunky and sparkly. Loves dressing up so much right now! Mondays you're starting at Outside Kids- I think we like that full day of independence to make the rest of the week that much sweeter.


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