Monday, September 17, 2012

Giggle Fest

Josey gets more amazing every day! She is just so happy & fun to be around. The love that she shows me is the sweetest thing I've ever experienced. Period. The past two days, feeding her rice cereal has been a total giggle fest. She loves when I say "Ahhh"!

When I get home from school, that time is so precious! I get plenty of snuggles in & then take Missy Longlegs for some sort of adventure. Being in the natural world is so good for both of us- watching the rustling leaves, feeling grass, exploring out bodies (she will crawl soon! Eek!)

My choir room is fantastic. My vision of this almost-utopia is coming alive. Teaching cooperation, improvisation, and theory with some singing is helping everyone get comfortable. The bar keeps getting higher- for me too! So much planning & learning to do!

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