Monday, September 3, 2012

New leaves

School starts tomorrow! To me, a new school year is like New Years Eve to the tenth in that it's a time to start new habits, make improvements, turn over a new leaf (or two).

Since returning from Glacier, I've turned over a big leaf that I'm really happy about. I've said buh-bye to gluten. Hit the road, don't come back! I already have more energy, brainpower, and I literally get skinnier everyday. I know some of this will plateau out, but I would be very happy if this was the new norm. I've been eating delicious, fresh food like-- arugula & beet salad, banana cocoa pb ice, kale fried rice, summer sausage + pepper cheese curds + spinach, watermelon, and more!

Also, Josey and I have been getting more used to the chariot. I like jogging with her, and I'm hoping she can get in the habit of sleeping in there (like she did this evening). It's a great way to "kill a bird with two stones" (is there a better saying for that?). My next step is getting yoga in with JJ in the mornings. Usually, I'm up in time, but scampering around the house, cleaning & prepping for the day. Soon, I will be doing the majority of my work at school. Just playing music at home.

Staying vigilant to this vision of health is vital to fulfilling my potential as a mom, teacher, wife, and friend. So many great ideas! Here's to the leaves!

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