Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hi, Digi-Journal!

Well, it's my first official blog post. It seems like a strange time to start blogging, I've got ten different balls spinning on my tether ball pole, but hey- carpe diem!

I have lived my life as a regular journal-keeper and would love to backlog some entries from the not-too-distant past at some point on this site. Since about 2010, I've been thinking of starting one of these digital versions, but I was unsure of the angle- never wanting to put myself in a box or seem trendy (although several good friends have lovely blogs and are my inspiration). Today, I decided to jump in while updating all my google info and documents after a Promethean training. I love technology!

Here's what I hope to accomplish with this project:

*a writing outlet that challenges me more than my personal journals.

*sharing my experience as a new, young, passionate, working mother and wife.

*documenting my ideas for teaching/making music & art in both practical and philosophical applications.

Here we go!


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