Friday, February 15, 2013

5-min Friday: Beloved

I've been perusing lots of blogs lately, and I found Lisa-Jo Baker through 3 things for Mom.  She does something called "Five Minute Friday" and I'm going to try & participate for a writing exercise and networking.  This week: Beloved.

The love of place is something that we can't shake.  When I think of beloved, of course family comes to mind, but at the forefront is place.  I love to travel, and these are a couple places I hold in my heart.

Beloved Vienna: at 24, two months before I married the love of my life, I traveled to Austria with a group of fantastic musicians.  I soaked up the opera and ran the streets daily.  I found favorite coffee shops, I smoked cigarettes & ate gelato like it was my job, I didn't shave my legs or armpits and proudly held on to the rail on the U-Bahn.  I wept in concerthauses, my heart raced in museums and I realized the power of art daily.  I will never forget my time in Austria, feeling free, and sure of myself.  Vienna solidified my values in music, life, and love.

View of Vienna from a glass elevator.  St. Stephen's Cathedral dominates the skyline.

Beloved San Juan del Sur: at 25, freshly married, adventure and love and no worries.  A Honeymoon in Nicaragua!  James and I learned a little Spanish, drank Tonas, smoked cigarettes, made new friends. I ran the jungle roads, he free-styled in the waves, we surfed.  Huge, loud, thunderstorms took the power out, we stayed in.  Everything was salty and sweaty.  I smiled at wide-eyed babies and mothers with big bellies, dreaming of the babies we would make soon.

At 26, we'll take Josephine on an adventure to Colorado to visit my best friend.  I suspect baby will be walking then.  It'll be so fun to stop and look around on the way!  Then in May, travel to Seattle, another beloved place.  I'll bring a bus-load of 30 singing High-School singers, and see if I can show them why I love to travel.  To fall in love with a new place, and a new part of me.

Disclaimer: this post took a little longer than five minutes...


  1. Hopping over from glad you joined this week! And what a fun post...I love to explore and travel. Have been to Nicaragua and Austria is definitely on my bucket list! Just reading this solidified in my mind that I need to see it. Soon. Wishing you even more wonderful adventures! Blessings!

  2. walking baby!? can't wait to run around with that beauty of a being!



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