Monday, February 18, 2013

Because I Said So.

It’s well-past my bedtime, and my cool cucumber of a husband lounges on the futon, sweetly ignoring my piles of lessons strewn about the floor.  He reads Rolling Stone, flashing me a pic every once in awhile, waiting.  I write for Mamalode now because today’s motto is, “do it while you’re thinking about it”.  Otherwise, it’ll be too late.

The accelerando of parenthood is real, our babe is almost a year old.  Full of giggles and kisses- revamping our identities, celebrating hers.  

Who knows where the wind will blow?  In just four short months, our family will return from this one-bedroom bungalow to our favorite mountains.

In this in-between, I pin dreams of a future home, constantly tidying ours.  Not to pine away our time here- this time is fresh and special, fleeting.  

I become the little spoon and let sleep wash over me.  
Our space is ours.  Wherever we are, love grows.

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