Tuesday, February 12, 2013

the Book of Right On

Aristotle rings in my ears, "You are what you repeatedly do," and I like it.  The voice of Joanna Newsom, my sweet old friend cowls through my new "beatsaudio" speakers.  I miss wearing headphones all the time, carrying around one cd, listening to the album all the way through.  Gonna start listening to my ipod on my run to get JJ from daycare.

JCannon cleans up dishes from a lovely evening with good pals.  Chicken noodle soup for the soul.  Josey sleeps.  I wonder what she's dreaming after a day at school, away from home, with new friends!  She loves her Chariot rides, which is making it easier to go running.  Can't wait to meet the newest Cannon!

Thinking ahead, toward entertaining in restaurants coming up- I want to learn more music by heart.  My sheet music collection is impressive, and I read it like a champ.  Yet, I'd like to be able to call many songs I've learned to mind, and just play and sing.  So, I'm going to work on that more!  (I'm trying this google template to plan for this Spring's repertoire...more about that later.)

How to learn a song:
1.  Listen to the original a few times.  Try for all the way through!  Sing along.
2.  Listen to other versions if you like.  Sing along- get a grasp on lyrics start expressing it.
3.  Look at the chords or sheet music.  Try in a few different keys, find your favorite, make it your own.

The last step, find a way to stamp it into memory.  I guess that would mean just sitting down and playing more.  Which seems to be the answer to all my problems.  Why is it so hard, then?

My favorite notebook of songs is almost full.  I need to fill in some lyrics and chords, but it is a beautiful collection of songs that have been important to me.  The notebook that I started the summer James and I fell in love.  There are many pages that aren't completely filled out- missing chords or lyrics or both, but the titles are there.  What will be the last song?  I have a feeling I'll write it here:

Many Glacier Hotel

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