Sunday, February 3, 2013

With Our Own Two Hands

Happy Superbowl Sunday.  It does feel kind of like a holiday, doesn't it?  I'm excited to hear about my brother's celebration in Whistler/Seattle.  Living vicariously through him this weekend.

It's been nice to be in Missoula on the weekends while James works, because I have this day to check in with life.  Give Josey a bath, paint my nails, put laundry away, prep food.  Life is clipping along fast then ever with Josephine in the mix!  From what I hear, the more kids you have, the quicker life goes.  Makes sense to me, but I don't wanna miss a thing!  One thing I will miss: Superbowl Sunday.

 Our usual Superbowl Sunday amigos are away in Idaho, and James is working.  Plus, I just found out who's in the game yesterday.  I do love San Francisco, so go 49ers!  I will not be watching any football, but you can bet your Autumn-bottom I'll find a link to watch the halftime show).  I loved the recent SNL skit where Martin Luther King Jr. visits Obama and can't stop talking about how beautiful she is.  I'm a fan.  

She is so cute with the bjorn! I'm about to retire ours for now, trying to score an Ergo because JJ kills my back in the Bjorn!  A couple new babies coming into our world- baby boy Rhett was born Friday in Ohio to a group of loving, creative women surrounding him. The newest babe in our Glacier Family is making us wait...

Today, I'm going to write some cards, do laundry (constant, but easy), get outside with my baby to visit Daddyhubby at work & spend time on this.  A lot of my students seem very interested in ukulele- gonna get it back in my life!   

The 12th Annual Cafe Chocolat is next Saturday!  The theme this year is "Reflections".  I can't believe this is my third year around in Florence.  Time flies when you're having fun.  It's amazing to see the continued growth in students.  I am so lucky to have my kids for (potentially) 7 years.  It's nice to see them cross the rough, awkward waters of late MS/Early HS and come into themselves more.  Which, I suppose is a process that is still happening in ways for me.  This year's performance will be especially strong with the choral groups- "Man in the Mirror," "Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World," and "Hall of Fame" among the musical highlights. Plus,- I'm excited for the theme and decorations.  We prepped with our new sound system on Friday, and a couple of the acts were deemed "Gems," by James.  

Have a wonderful, productive Sunday and thanks for reading!  

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