Friday, March 1, 2013

five-minute friday: ordinary

(This post is for 5-min Friday)

Writing songs isn't something I do.  It's something I can do.  I know it.  I've heard music on and off my entire life.

I'll lead the way, lead the way & I know.

There is something holding me back.  I heard the music and it's great, but I don't know how to get it out, besides play.  So I will play.

The fall from you is a long way down, I found a better way.  

Ordinary isn't something I ever really consider.  Honestly.  So I'm going to try to tie this into what I want to write about.

Montana Restaurant - Finn Porter, Missoula, Clark Fork River 1
Finn and Porter and green Jumbo!  Let's go, Spring!
Music playing needs to become an ordinary part of my life at home.  I don't play my keyboard much, maybe once or twice a week.  One of those times is usually with Josey.  Looking to increase that time this week.  At least 10 minutes daily.  Jamez is holding me to it.  

I'm excited to get to Helena and play my piana. Getting ready to play here in a week!

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  1. How funny. (Not the post) When I read "Helena" I thought, 'no, she can't mean the capital of MT.' But it looks like you do. Very cool. I'm from Kalispell myself but have been in SoCal for 25 years. Wow, I'm old. ;) Great entry for the FMF. :)



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