Friday, March 22, 2013

five-minute friday: remember

You must remember this
             (gentle reminders for my happiness)

Stretch in the morning

Drink cool lemon water

You are what you eat

Enjoy nature daily

Laughter is the best medicine

Make time for your passion and your loved ones

Everything in moderation

Love grows

Breathe :)

PS- free yourself from your smartphone regularly!

Also, how to help in hard times, (good things to remember 
when someone in your life hits a rough patch) & 22 Things Happy People Do Differently

(for five-minute friday- it's so nice to have a weekly prompt, and a way to link up with other folks who are writing!)


  1. Lovely pointers to remember. Thank you!

  2. Good one!
    "Take your talent to work.. but leave your passion for life"

  3. Just stopped in from FMF and I really liked your post. Fresh, light and encouraging! :) Thank you.
    ~Sarah from



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