Friday, March 29, 2013

five-minute friday: (un)Broken

I have been stopping by FMF for awhile now. It's one thing I have gotten in the habit of on this blog. I like having a weekly prompt & the guarantee that at least one person will read it.  Classic Emily, I have yet to follow the rules.
                                      Just 5 minutes? No editing? Are you freaking kidding me?  

Sometimes I love the prompts (What Mom Did, Beloved), sometimes it's a struggle to get into the prompt when I really want to write about something else.  Still, I like the challenge.  This week's prompt is "Broken", surely because it's Good Friday, but I won't be writing about religion today.

Looking forward to quality time with loved ones, Spring weather this weekend and a family Easter celebration the River!  Love and happiness to you this weekend!

Thanks to Aunt Jennie (who is in CHINA) for this lovely photo!


Broken or unbalanced?
Stretch, go for a run, vegetables and sun

Broken or needing a new friend?  
Say hello

Broken or unprioritized?
Take time in life cause you've got a long way to go

Broken or in need of knowledge?  
Teach, be patient

Broken or discouraged?  
Smile, hug

(un)Broken, Brilliant creation
Notice, appreciate, go live now

1 comment:

  1. unBroken - yes I like that play on the word. I'm going to start looking at this weekend with unbroken lenses for the moments that need to be noticed in new ways. Thank you for this view Em. And thanks for linking up!

    warmest of wishes



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