Saturday, March 16, 2013

for the love of.... haircuts!

This one might take a little growing into...

I've been a fan of cutting my hair for quite some time.  James hasn't spent a penny on a haircut in many years, and he does a pro job with his!  I've been known to snip my own as well, one of the benefits of the sometimes-loathed curly hair is the fact that it will cover up terrible barber skills!  Sometimes I can talk the hubs into helping me, too.

First discovering the rush from a dramatic chop when I was about 8, I look forward to that feeling like nothing else.  Being expressive and possibly a bit dramatic, this sudden action helps me boost my self esteem, and feel spunky and rejuvenated!


It's better when you grow it out long enough for locks for love (10 inches really isn't that much hair!), which I've done a few times.  What a great way to share.

Me & my hairs for my first Mother's Day last year.  

Yesterday on my way in to do some work on a day off, I thought, I wanna chop it off!  I had to stop at the salon Cloud 9 in Florence for fundraising anyway, and they set me up with lovely Liz who did a fantastic job texturizing my hair.  This one is really short, James said its a little George Harrison/Bob Dylan, but he loves them too!  I feel a little bit like the coach on Glee!  It'll take a couple of days...

A friend posted this on facebook recently.  I love someecards!

Here's to a fun, fresh Spring!

barber shears
image via Etsy.  Apparently these vintage shears have already sold. 

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