Tuesday, March 19, 2013

motherhood: eleven

Since becoming a mother, I find more guilt in my life. Trying to balance a thousand goals and most importantly, be a good mom.  I haven't updated her baby book in months, and I never took those cute month-by-month pictures with the stickers!

I am present with my baby everyday, though.  Time with her is my time to relax, to take time in life.  Listening to her sing, making her laugh.  She can make the world's worst day melt away.

11 has been my number since I was...eleven, so this seems like a big milestone to me!  She is 11 months old!  That is so close to a year old!  A year ago, I was constantly fretting about whether or not she'd be born before District Festival.  Now, we're preparing for that event again, and thinking about a Birthday Celebration.  Yay!

Since her birth, we've made a constant effort to get out of the house, on the trails, and around people.   She is such an easy-going, curious gal, happy as long as she's busy!
#1 advice for new parents- just go!

I won't state the obvious and say that Josephine is the best thing ever.  I will say that I'm beyond excited about her future and her present.  Happy Eleven-Months to the happiest baby on the block.

**Thanks to all of you who checked in this week and humored my pitch to the facebook world.  Millions of ideas... hoping this blog will help me lay them out a little better.  We'll see where that goes.  Namaste!**

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