Saturday, March 23, 2013

musicality: sisters

James and I were lounging around this morning while Josey napped, and he shared this lovely performance by First Aid Kit.  Paul Simon is visibly touched by their tribute, which was especially powerful since these Swedish sisters are making it big in America.  I first enjoyed these two via NPR's first listen a few years ago, and continue to love their Euro attitude, luscious harmonies, and emotional, wide-eyed singing.  First Aid Kit's song Emmylou is one of Jamily's favorites to play and sing.  Check out this video Blue.  Nice vintage feel, and a nice nod to Joni Mitchell.

There is something so unique about sisters singing together- almost tangible, you can hear and feel it.  I have a couple pairs of sisters in choir who I'd like to persuade into collaboration for our Spring Middle School/High School talent show...  My students are into these a cappella sisters, Cimorelli, and this song, Some Nights by Fun.  (sidenote- GIRLS' Lena Dunham is dating Fun's guitarist, Jack Antonoff).  I like their neon "Don't Text and Drive" shirts!  How lucky they are to be able to sing together whenever they want!

Now I'm going to tune in to two other favorite sisters, Tegan and Sara.  These Canadian songbird twins have been around forever, and I can't stop playing their new 80's poppy-feel album Hearthrob.  You can stream it via Soundcloud/Rolling Stone here or just tune in using Spotify like I do several times a week.  I'll sing along, channeling my inner-Cindy Lauper, while prepping for Spring!

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