Saturday, March 16, 2013

recipes: st. paddy's day

Top O' the Morning to Ye'!  Check out google for some adorable irish dancers!  Gotta love google doodles.

My mom reminded me of St. Patrick's day Saturday morning.  It's funny how you can get really focused on a Holiday one year and then it just hits you in the face the next year!  Anyway, with pinterest and another favorite blog, I've been a bit inspired for the holiday myself... and decided to show off my skills as world's worst food photographer.  Don't feel like attempting a photo of this mint ice cream.

Leprechaun Lentil Soup (recipe from

I had been wanting to make my friend Amy's recipe for Simple Lentil & Black Bean Soup since she posted it and I threw it together this evening.  We were out of black beans, so I used pinto.  Easy and delicious!  It's always nice to have soup made for the week.

On deck for tomorrow, GREEN gluten-free pancakes!  I've been craving pancakes a lot since I've been gluten-aware... and finally bought some gf mix today.  Inspired by the festiveness of this St. Patty's Day Eve post on Little Baby Garvin, who is always posting fun, cute ways to celebrate holidays with her little babe.  We might have to substitute yogurt for the lucky charms ;)

St. Patty's pancakes from  

Second, James LOVES avocados and I want to get Josey back into them.  When we first started making her baby food, avocado was one of our favorites because you could throw it in the bag/purse and mash it up for her wherever.  Might have gotten a little over-used.  Inspired by these ridiculously beautiful Avocado Truffles, we'll go for a much simpler appetizer with avocado.  (PS- Josey plain doesn't like avocado anymore!)

Avocado Truffles at

Third, my mom ALWAYS makes Cornbeef and Cabbage for St. Patty's.  I have the ingredients including purple cabbage.  Doesn't this meal sound perfect?  Planning for Sunday family time tomorrow on a trail, probably Blue Mountain, and hopefully do our Sunday Skype with the 'rents (in green, of course!)

Hope to squeeze in a little lesson planning & music as well.  First day of Spring and a concert this Thursday!

A favorite Irish tune for ye' by the lovely Wailin' Jenny's:  (Programming this for Sping Tour, can't wait)

PS: The cornbeef and cabbage was awesome.  I followed Out of the Box Collective's roughly for the brine, just added the spice pack that came with the brisket.  Added carrots and potatoes, cooked on high, added garlic and onions about an hour later.  Made the cabbage exactly and it was amazing.  Added food-coloring to our IPA's and we were set.  

Now we have ridiculous amounts of leftovers and we won't have to buy food for awhile.  That's what the Irish are about- stocking up, right?  Josey loved the cabbage and potatoes, carrots, and onions.  She was cracking herself up putting pieces of potato on the spout of her sippy cup and then drinking from it!  

Yum!  I need some food photography tips. It's harder than it looks!  

 Here's the little firecracker herself:

Happy to have Dad home on a Sunday!

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