Sunday, March 24, 2013

ritual & routine: Sunday

Who LOVES Mondays?  Anyone?  Office Space comes to mind whenever anyone brings up Mondays.  "Um, yeah, I'm going to need you to come in on Saturday."  (I did so I'm really not dying to go in tomorrow) So many great lines, gonna have to see that again ASAP.  Anywho...

I find myself loathing Mondays even more since becoming a mom.  Like when you're in long-distance relationship, the sting's a bit stronger.  That first day away from Josey is annoying and I miss her.  Usually we get in a swing after that, meeting up afterschool, running home or playing outside, eating dinner together, reading, and putting her to bed.

I think it's pretty typical to be exhausted at the end of the day, right?  I feel like my only time to get ahead/caught up is on the weekends.  Try to make at least one meal that will freeze & have leftovers, invent a new powerbar, whip up a tray of babyfood.  The mountain of laundry, too... (cloth diapers post is in the works.)  This week I also cleaned out our drains with the baking soda and apple cidar vinegar.  I love the crisp smell and knowing that I'm getting rid of unseen gunk!
Lesson planning is always on dock for Sundays, too, and this song is going to be perfect for this week!  

Take Time in Life
I was passing by, my brother called to me, and he said to me better take time in life.  
Take time in life, better take time in life, 
Take time in life, cause you got far away to go.

I was passing by, my sister called to me, and she said to me better take time in life.  
Take time in life, better take time in life, 
Take time in life, cause you got far away to go.

I love this song and look forward to layering in the harmonies, dancing and drumming to it with my students, hopefully have some meaningful discussions, too.  

Time is this week's focus- adhering to my schedules.  Target schedule: sleep 10:30-6, school 7:15-4, Josey + outside + dinner 5-7, a little work, social media, and Jamily music time.  James and I are both night owls and we love to burn the midnight oil.  Let's see if we can get to bed a little earlier this week!

Tricks to make this week more productive at work:
1.  Start with the task you don't want to do.
2.  Make to-do lists in groups of three.
3.  Eat healthy and excercise, get lots of zzz's!  

....Better finish up my apricot dark chocolate spin on these power bars and hit the hay!  This Monday is extra special because we're barbecuing with Autumn Stirs the Pot and our visiting East-Coast darlins!

Wishing you a productive week, I hope we can all take time on the things we want to.

"The thing is, you think you have time." - Buddha 


  1. Buddha context:

  2. oh darn. seems i'm a sucker for the "deepity's".



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