Tuesday, March 12, 2013

three things

Today my favorite blog asks "What are three things you're grateful for?"

There are oh, so many things!  I'll keep it to three:

I'm grateful for friends near and far, and I cherish my opportunities to visit with them.

Today, my friend and I bought tickets to visit our girl in Colorado!  Josey and I are flying for $180, which is a screamin' deal if you ask me.

I'm grateful to have the knowledge and resources to eat healthy, delicious food.  Last night, I made a delicious variation on this Indian Spice Kielbasa to celebrate James' successful first tennis practice.  Grinding the the spices in my new mortar and pestle was fragrant and relaxing.  

Finally, I'm beyond grateful for my happy, fun family.  The best thing about Josey lately is that she knows she's funny and loves to ham it up!  We have so much fun cracking each other up with gummy smiles.  Look at those two peaches.  Muah!

Picture from From http://myvintagebookcollectioninblogform.blogspot.coHeidi - illustrated by Leonard Weisgard

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