Wednesday, April 3, 2013

babes in boulder

snowy Spring window

We made it!  Cozied up in Colorado while it drizzled and snowed.  Lazy, chatty, sandwiches, then a delicious dinner of grilled elk steak, sweet potatoes, zucchini, and of course- vino.  Precious girl time has begun!


Josephine woke up today happy as a clam, but with the same rattling cough and goop in her eyes.  At the suggestion of Metta's lovely roommate, we set out with the borrowed Bob stroller on a run to find Pharmica, a health store on the other side of downtown for an herbal remedy.

Hoping this works!  I'll let you know.

Running is my favorite way to explore a new place.  Easy jogging is the perfect pace for saying hello to other happy pedestrians and fully experiencing your new surroundings, getting grounded and freed at the same time.  Noticing the sounds, smells, the look, and the feel of a new city.  JJ agrees, she babbled and pointed the whole way.

Taking in the Boulder scene

The journey here was a bit challenging, but not bad!  Thank god for Ariann- she & I have done a lot of traveling together, and her preschool/kindergarten expertise was especially helpful on this first flight for Josephine!

Our priceless travel companion 

We had a bit of a surprise when my suitcase weighed in at 57 lbs!  Fortunately, we knew a pack-n-play, stroller, and car-seat were waiting for us in Boulder.

Essentials for girls trip.  Rainbow, of course.

Keep it simple was my packing strategy, but the add ins {including a rainbow of nail polish, cloth diapers, book, precious travel journal, and of course my school music} tallied up faster than planned.

More essentials!

Scrambling, holding a poopy baby, we transferred things into my carry-on and avoided a ridiculous $100 fee.  We retained all the necessary items for the trip.  Whew- now there's even more incentive not to spend too much money... I don't have room for anything else anyway!

JJ & Mama selfie

On the 13-row plane, there were at least four other babies within our vicinity.  I had high hopes of Josey sleeping, but of course things were too exciting.  I loved the whole thing, squealing out the window, snuggling, pointing at everything, and of course not sleeping together.  Though she probably won't remember her first airplane ride, I sure will.  (Another post on traveling with a baby in the future, but I found these tips helpful.)

Checking things out after we touched down 

Once we landed, we confidently navigated the airport with Ariann and got on the bus in time!  Josey flirted with friendly strangers and looked out the steamy windows, trying to get a glimpse of Colorado.

Boulder is sunny today!

I already feel at home in Boulder.  Metta has a special way of adding her own personality to her space, always with a creative, positive vibe.  It's time for making good food, sharing stories, being girls.  Going to soak up every minute of this bliss!

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