Monday, April 15, 2013

choir chatter: intro & goals

Josey and I just returned from a lovely run home from her daycare.  Didn't walk once, charged across busy Mount and South to get here.  To type.  Lots to process today: an educational visit from a choral mentor who worked with my kids, heart beating to Boston, ideas bouncing.

Curly Mohawk sits chattering next to me, I alternate her mushy green beans with corn puffs which she stuffs in her face.  Right now I think there's somewhere between 5-10 in her mouth. She exclaims in her growing vocabulary, playing loudly on the high chair.  Carpe diem forces me to strike the laptop while my thoughts are hot, multitasking with veggies, fruits, cheese, sippy cup.  Getting the keys sticky.

Mohawk Monday. 

Let's face it: I'm obsessed with writing.  The fire rekindled while writing a couple cover letters in February.  I love the process and grow to love it more.  English was my favorite class (besides choir, of course).   My wise counselor Elizabeth once said, "Emily, you'll probably always be a little bit obsessive, always addicted to something.  The trick is choosing what it will be."  Blogging is a part of that process for me, I'm ready to use it to improve all aspects of my life.

My loved ones know that I worry about being addicted to the internet because like most things, I talk about it.  I can be pretty OCD checking email, facebook, twitter, instagram, and now blog reads.  I'm not the only one, right?  Still, seconds spent refreshing add up to precious time.  In recent conversation with a special amiga, we discussed an internet use pyramid.  Like a food pyramid, it would offer suggested guidelines for internet use.  Right now, mine is a big jumble that I'll process in another post, but we are adamant that teaching good internet and social media habits is very important!  xo

Here I've started an ideal outlet.  My space.  Yep.  I said it.

My space to chronicle & therefore improve my life as an active woman, mom, and choir teacher.  Yes, it will be a bit personal, but publishing my novel will be too.  I'm ok with making my journey public if we are learning from it here, and I'll try not to over-share, adding detail to my sand map of boundaries if need be.

Yesterday, at the end of the weekend, while prepping for THE week, I received an unnerving email from a parent of a student.  She said a couple things that can't be fixed with a green salad or even a hug.  Things that I read over and over again, and continued to process all day and finally came to peace with during my run with Josey today.  Her email hurt because there was some truth behind her words.  I'm choosing not to discuss it further because that gives power to her negativity, and I'm still quite emotional about it.  Let's just say "poor planning on your part" is a phrase that won't ever be directed toward me in the workplace again.

Perfect segway!  Planning is actually one of the reasons I started this my blog {original goals}.  Simplifying to:  Mtn Mama, Ritual & Routine, Five-minute Fridays, and now: Choir Chatter... maybe others, we'll see.  Worthwhile pursuits are often works of progress.

"Choir Chatter" will be the heading, just as "Five-Minute Friday", etc.  For those of you who are more interested in the baby, skip or peruse as you please.  I peruse specific content in most of the blogs I follow, otherwise, I'd be spending all day on the computer.  I imagine these work posts will be edited more than others as I see fit through my continued experience.

One of my best qualities is that I'm not afraid to admit when I'm wrong and when I need to change.   I'm shifting my focus from creating to synthesizing.  My aim in wrapping up this school year is to identify what IS working, like "always be positive with students and colleagues", and stick with it.

[Goals for Choir Chatter]

-Post a favorite resource list to share with other educators.
-Post my google templates and lessons for other teachers to use.
-Journal about my teaching experience (while maintaining student and colleague privacy).
-Do scheduled work here weekly (more to come Thursday).

*Giggle Fest time.  Alternating the toothiest grin, low, gravelly chuckle with some fun lip buzzing.  This girl loves her Eric Carle.  Smoothed this post over after she was snug as a bug.  Thanks for reading as always.  xo*

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