Saturday, April 27, 2013

five-minute friday: (for) friends

Welcome to this weekend's edition of "the Friendly News"

In second grade, I started a neighborhood newspaper with my friend John with that opening line.  He and I were super goofy pals, and we (mainly me) had big dreams for the newspaper.  My dad gave an account of a fire in the neighborhood, I did a spotlight on a new girl who had moved in from Montana City, and featured some artwork as well.  Unfortunately, John moved to Billings, so the single, pilot issue of "the Friendly News" stays in my scrapbook and the dream lives on.  


Last night, our adventurous pals were in town and came over for a BBQ.  So nice to stay outside long after dark hearing about their travels!  Got me really excited about spending summer with them in GNP!

At the top of my to-do list is freshening up my closet for Spring!  One great way is to spruce up your Spring look with scarves you already have.  Check out this fun scarf tutorial for some new ideas that look effortless!    (I want to schedule a Clothing Swap ASAP so we can all have even fresher wardrobes!)  

Apparently this lovely dress is $375.  No way, cheri!

Josey and I will be visit James at his tennis tournament later today (once I get the spare tire on- joy).  We'll go lounge/speed crawl on the grass, say "ball" a million times, play on the slide, and she'll flirt it up with parents and kids.  It's almost time to update her wardrobe, too.  18-mo. choices, here we come!

Speaking of, the slide has replaced the glory of the swing.  I made the mistake of taking her down about 5-10 times in a row last week, and when we had to leave, she started screaming and kicking!  I saw a glimpse of toddler-dom.  The next day on the slide, I told her "last time" on the third.  Then we said/signed, "all done" and we waved "bye" to the folks around.  Happy camper.

Also on the docket: my first trail run of the season.  Feelin' good.

Our Drama department is putting on a play at school this weekend and a bunch of my kids will be involved.  Excited to see them perform and start brainstorming for next year!  Derk, the awesome Drama teacher at FCS, is super motivated and great to collaborate with, and students love him.  Big plans coming up!

Speaking of friends.  The Five-minute Friday prompt this week is "Friends".  I don't know that I have any original eloquence about friends today.

I will say that I'm grateful for all of my unique friends and they help me with my confidence (ha!) and other pursuits, like parenting and cooking.  I love my friends like I love my family!  Always striving to be a good one for all.

Here's a great post about friendship and parenting: The Most Beautiful Education.  It makes me so excited for the future of this Jamily Family!  Josey is a lucky gal.

Thanks, Leslie.

Time to get back to my speed-cleaning so we can get on with our plans!

{Check back for babywearing, cloth diapers, and a honey pore refiner later this weekend} xo

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