Friday, April 12, 2013

five-minute friday: here

Here we are, in Missoula.  This place has some soul.  Our bungalow, which I will only refer to as “bungalow” for these last fleeting months, the home we proudly brought Josey to from the hospital.  We’ll celebrate our vivacious bumblebee’s first birthday with loved ones here in a week.  Our little crawling, chatty caterpillar... who is part monkey, part donkey, and part puppy, too, but 100% Josephine.

See life as it lights up in her eyes.  It’s a beautiful world.

Here, I’ll enjoy making music with each one of my unique students, because more than just the seniors will be gone soon, and time if flying.  I’ll inspire them here, in this very Spring.  I’ll inspire them every. single. day. My students will bound into summer with songs and dreams in their heads and hearts.

Here, we’ll relax on the futon and laugh over the guitar.  Then I’ll stretch, smile, hurry out the door.

I like it, here.

Do you?

Have a great weekend, Thanks for reading.  This post is for FMF on Gypsy Mama's site.


  1. "See life as it lights up in her eyes." I love it. How amazing to see life through a child's eyes, and realize in those moments how many of those small, beautiful elements of life we so often let pass by unnoticed.

  2. I love you and the amazing woman, wife and mother you have become!



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