Wednesday, April 24, 2013


From A Cup of Jo today.  Love her blog.

In the words of a good friend, "I'm Officially the Mayor of Crazytown."  Desk/classroom looks like a complete disaster zone, gas tank is empty and I didn't take a shower today.  I need more TA's to help my organize all my music and materials!  We're having another BAKE SALE!  ACK!  I had a student get me a Xenergy drink at the gas station today during lunch in desperate measures.  Distracting myself from the never-ending google docs & spreadsheets for a quick post.

When life gives you lemons.... go bananas!  We love bananas for their price, taste, filling-quality, and convenience.  They have quite the interesting history (ask James for more details...or read the book).  I pretty much always have one on my desk or in my purse.  PVC's are a hazard when I'm tired/overextended, and apparently the potassium in bananas helps.

Here is Josey eating a banana whole for the first time.  Pretty much the best thing ever.

::She often exclaims: "Nana, nana!" or just "Nan." Meaning banana and all other yummy food that doesn't fall under the category of "apple"::

Photo via

When I'm low on sleep and needing to emit loads of energy, the most important ingredient for success is water.  Constant!  Next year, I want to get a water cooler for our room.  Craigslist hunt!  Yes.  Water is so very good!

Chasin' waterfalls

Tea is my savior on days like today and tomorrow too!  Earl Grey alt. w/Lemon Ginger Green.  Instant calm.  My tea kettle's handle broke, so it's not as convenient as it once was.  Doesn't this fancy electric tea kettle seem fun?

Keep Calm.  It's one of my many mottos.

Ok.  Back to work!  Pronto!  Thanks for reading my random self-cheerleading.  You really don't have to.  But I want you to & I'm cheering for you too!  Trying to share some good ideas with other busy folks, too.  Go TEAM!  xo

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