Friday, April 19, 2013

Josey J is ONE today!

Our little JJ, Josephine, Josey bean, Jo J, Squirmy Lou turns ONE today!  

Celebrate good times, come ON!  I am so excited for this little firecracker.  She has so much spunk and life- a genuine chatterbox with a warm chuckle, tuneful singing, and those blue eyes!

This past year has been a journey for James and I, growing stronger in starting our family.


He was an incredible aid, never leaving my side.  Squeezing hands, watching, as our baby came into the world.  I knew she'd be a Daddy's girl (how could you not with him?)  We had settled on Josephine as our girl's name, but when she was born, I picked James as her middle.  Josephine James- star quality, right?

Bringing her home to the bungalow was the best part of her birth for me.  Those first couple weeks were a crazy jumble of emotions, so much snuggling, figuring out her tongue-tie, sleeping with her, forgetting about everything else.  Her first summer was spent chillin' in Missoula and exploring the Many Glacier Valley.

I love hiking the trails with Josephine.  Those days, she'd squeeze my fingers and put them in her mouth.  She'd chat and sleep and I had time to clear my head and sing songs, usually some variation on a  "Hey Bear Hey Moose" and "Josey Bean, Josey Bean, prettiest girl in the whole wide world."  She made new friends, met lots of family.  All in all, it was a great summer.

She grew, and we came home to a busy school year, we found a wonderful nanny, and eventually daycare and got settled into life in Missoula.  Each day, I fill with excitement in carpool anticipating those precious after-school hours.  This year has been full of milestones to write in her baby book, but most importantly, a deepening love.

I think I'm getting this motherhood thing.  It's a thing, you know.  Of course it took me awhile.  You have 9 months with your growing, moving basketball, then you live it.  You alter your priorities, your outlook changes, you find yourself over and over again.  I look forward to that process of finding myself throughout my entire life.  Finding the YOU from your past, remembering joys and ideas and growing again.  I'm excited to rediscover my childhood and see the world through new eyes with James.  Straight-up grateful for that opportunity.

Earlier this week, after we returned from a much-needed hike with Autumn, I fed Josey some coconut quinoi and spinach with a silver spoon.  Every couple bites, I handed it over and she played it on her tray, grinning like a banshee.  We laughed.  What a joy- the silver spoon!  Not the same green, yellow, or purple plastic spoon, bling that sounded and looked way better.  Her excitement is contagious!

With her early excitement about standing and moving, I thought she'd be walking around this time.  She's pretty much protesting about now, would rather crawl with her stealth speed.  She's weaning herself from a bottle just like she did the boob.  Miss independent has never been one to lay around and snuggle.  The nursing difficulties, juggling a nap schedule, waking in the middle of the night (aside from a little teething- knock, knock) long gone. Now she's full of enthusiastic "HIiii"'s , squeals, and kisses.  Babymoon?  Let's do it again!  My blood buzzes as I scroll through this year's pictures, reliving it.  Amaze.

Josephine means "God will add".  Josephine James adds so much to our lives.  She is pure joy.  Happy Birthday, baby girl.  We got a long way to go!


  1. I loved looking through these pictures! So sweet. This is an awesome post! xo

  2. I love your perspective! You and James are terrific parents, I am so proud of you. We love you guys! Hope to see you soon.

    1. Thank you Momma Monck. I love you guys and look up to you so much!!



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