Monday, April 29, 2013

put it down (the net)

Earlier this week, my neighbor was wearing a shirt that said "Put it Down", and had a dog holding an ipod, which I interpreted as my iphone, and his owner holding a bone.  The image struck a chord with me.  

Then Friday, I was driving away with Josey and noticed my smartphone wasn't on the seat next to me- figured I left it on the counter at daycare.  The fact that I went in there with my phone bugged me.  I thought, "Good.  I can leave it over the weekend and have a chance to unplug a little."  Could have turned around and had it in my hand in 3 minutes, but didn't want to.  I drove home, posted something about no phone on my facebook and started dinner, enjoying our new freedom.  About 20 minutes later, unpacking diaper bag, found the phone, took about 30 pictures of the evening and was more distracted throughout the night.  Wah, wah, wah.

I have been getting worse and worse with the cellphone around JJ.  At least she still puts it to her head and says "Hi!".  I need to make a more conscious effort not to be using at it while she's playing.  Usually, I grab it to take a picture of her, then sadly get distracted on it with something else.  We had the BEST day at the park the other day because I didn't have my phone!  

One good trick is to have a place to keep your phone.  Speakers, charger, whatever, keep it there when you're home.  Working on only reading, playing piano, etc. around Josey J, there is plenty of time while she's sleeping to use electronics.  

Also, the Instagraming is too much.  I look at amazing pictures everyday, then I'm distracted by EVERYTHING, thinking, "I should probably take a picture and write something deep or funny or sweet about that.  Then more people will like me."  Eek.  Going to take a break and try to get my picture files under control here.  The unlimited storage thing is dangerous, right?  And what about film and prints?  Disposable cameras?  Dark rooms?  Will ANYONE remember?

One thing that's helping me redirect my internet habits is a program called "Stay Focusd".  It's a Chrome pluggin.  I put websites like Pinterest, Facebook, etc. into the "blocked sites" and choose how long I want to be on those sites all day.  You can't change the settings after you've exceeded your time for the day.  When your time is up, a big screen says: 

Shouldn't you be working?   

Yep!  Now that I've wrapped up a couple posts for the week, I'm going to take a little break.  


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  2. Feels good, doesn't it!? :)



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