Sunday, April 14, 2013

ritual & routine: eat your greens

For me, something as simple as eating greens every day can be the difference between a really productive, happy week and a food/emotional breakdown.  Always trying to move forward, but in busy times it takes a little extra effort to make healthy eating happen.  

I'm a big fan of putting random meals together with what's in the fridge + what's on sale.  Greens + veggies + one fruit + nuts + cheese is my recipe for a balanced salad.  I strive for textures and flavors that contrast and compliment each other well.  I wanted seconds and thirds of this salad.  Substitute where you like, but this salad is the

"Eat your colors"- Michael Pollan.  I choose: green. 

Green Machine Salad:
Bunch of Asparagus, cut into two-inch slices
Salt, Pepper, romano or other hard cheese
2 TBS Olive Oil

Bowl of greens (I like a spinach/arugula mix)
One avocado, in cubes
One green or golden apple, in cubes
Two celery stalks, diced small
Walnuts, crunched
Vinegar (optional)

1. Heat olive oil in pan on medium.  Add asparagus, season with salt & pepper while it cooks.

2.  Add all other ingredients to bowl.

3.  When asparagus is cooked but still firm, remove from heat and grate cheese over to melt.

4.  Toss salad.  The olive oil from frying the asparagus serves as the dressing, add balsamic or apple cider vinegar if you'd like.  Serve with the asparagus warm or cold, whatever's happening works.

Enjoy, and smile!  For to-go lunch salads, substitute cherry tomatoes or cucumbers for the avocado.  Layer ingredients with a little extra room at the top, shake when it's time.

Easy peasy.  Photo from {here}

*Another great salad: Asparagus + Brussels Sprouts Spring Salad

*Revisiting this bar recipe from February (substituting apricots for cranberries today).

*Need some light, accessible advice for better eating?  Try Michael Pollan's Food Rules.  Love.

*It's a busy week coming up in the Jamily Family.  Perused a favorite: 55 gentle ways to take care of yourself when you are busy to gear up.  Have a lovely week!

A cup of tea: always part of the routine.

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