Sunday, April 28, 2013

r + r = my favorite facewash

The weekend is my time to primp- especially Sundays.  I try to do something from the overall regimine- paint my nails, shave my legs, check in with the overall appearance.  I've never taken much time to worry about it over the week besides what I'm wearing and a little mascara, but it's important to be beautiful, right?  This weekend, I'm catching up with my skin.     

Since becoming a mama, my pores have started to change.  Not sure if it's hormones, age, stress, although most likely, it's lack of sleep, which may just be the norm while I'm working overtime on a couple different things.  When I starting making this facewash a couple months ago, I noticed a nice change in my pores.  I used it up earlier last week and now I'm finally getting around to restocking it.  Here's the easy process:


Honey Soda Pore Refiner:

-Small beautiful bowl 

-Scoop baking soda
           Here are 75 other extraordinary uses- we buy it at Costco

-Add honey (start with about a tsp)
           just ran out and are going to try this Montana honey next 

-Stir and add honey slowly until the mixture has a creamy sheen and is smooth to stir.  Transfer to container with lid, set in the shower.  This amount lasts me about two weeks.

-Apply to face every couple days, keep it on while you shampoo and condition.  Rinse, and voila- nicer pores!


{If you have a little extra time, I love a variety on this detoxifying homemade treatment with coconut oil and coffee grounds.  Rejuvenating just in time for Spring and shorts!}

PS: stir the facewash with your finger, the honey eventually starts to separate.  xo


  1. Lady! This is still my favorite face mask. I have a question. Do you put the mask on just before you get in the shower, or during? I found that it sort of dripped off of my face when I tried to put it on while in the shower. Though, it seemed like my pores would be open in the shower, so it'd be better for my skin. Just curious. Love!

    1. hey Aut! I usually put it on dry skin... (sorry this is a really late response)



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