Sunday, April 7, 2013

ritual & routine: Sunday (bye Spring break)

Happy National Beer Day!  :)

Enjoying the Small Things had a great photo on her instagram today reminding me of this holiday!

#nationalbeerday #dontmindifido #goodbyespringbreak #ireallylovedyou

While in Boulder, we went a new Brewery called Fate.  Loved seeing more fresh, happy faces of Boulder- Josey made friends with a family of ladies with fun curly hair, and we saw their whole crew in the airport at 6am the next day.  I love that!  At Fate, our big group was sat in a perfect corner booth and they gave excellent service!

photo via Fate Brewing Company's facebook page

Josey and I went for a stroll around the place, checked out the fun outdoor seating & corn holl on the deck.  I had a delicious IPA and we shared some amazing grilled sweet potatoes (official favorite food) and got to chat it up with the girls one more time.

Margaritas earlier in the week with Kels.
 Later that night I heard, "how did we get to here?"
I think this picture says it all.  Love.

We ate some incredible food on this trip!  I actually wish I had taken more pictures of the food.  The only one I got was this:

My first successful experience on the grill.  Yeehaw!

JJ had such a great time with so many of the lovely folks in ours and Metta's great life.  This woman rocks it wherever she goes:

Metta coaching her crew girls on the beautiful reservoir

It was so nice to see our bff in Boulder- it's such an uplifting place- happy, athletic, beautiful people everywhere, so much opportunity!

Make new friends, but keep the old.  Some are silver, the other, gold.

Although we had a wonderful trip with the girls, it's good to be home.  Fortunately, Josey was a complete dollface the entire journey back to Montana, chatting and smiling with everyone she met.  
[Writing more about what I learned traveling with bebe]

Can you see the Sleeping Giant?

happy hikers!

Ari, Josey, and I stopped in Helena for some much-needed relaxation after our night of pretty-much-no-sleep.  JJ and I visited Gee Gee, caught up with my parents (otherwise known as Jo-J's Grandma and Grandpa), and enjoyed the perks of being at home.  We had a nice hike on the Rocky Road Loop this morning, and rode in Ari's fun minty Prius (45-50 mpg!) home.


So good to return to our bungalow to James, get unpacked and unwind.  We took a fun stroll around the mall tonight, worked on some creative bday invites, and he is reading her Dinosaur's Binkit right now.  One of our favorites, and James tells it so well!

Jamily family

Now, it's time to freshen up for the week on googledocs/lesson plans, catch up on our Nashville and/or Parks and Rec, do a little stretching, and hit the hay early!

Cheers, and oh don't forget to treat yo' self!  (seriously, watch this video and love Parks and Rec.)

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