Monday, April 22, 2013

swing work spring

Ah!  Almost May, and this Spring is having some serious mood swings.  

This beautiful, snowy morning I saw beautiful clouds and sun from Hellgate canyon.   Breathing deep, my cold fingers hurriedly pulling snowy chunks from my wipers.

Now I'm sitting on the porch, blue sky, motherly moon looking down from over Pattee Canyon.  Love catching up with the neighbors on nice evenings.  BBQ time is coming up here on Fairview!

Josey turned one this weekend and seems like another baby to me now.  Tonight when I started singing her a little lullaby, she leaned back, locked eyes with mine, and sang "Ahhhhhh".  Then she started winding up and bouncing up and down.  It was a special, fleeting moment before I put her down and she immediately curled up with her giraffe.  Looking forward to so much singing with that girl.  Out like a light, birthdays are tiring.

She's sick again, too, which has been the usual since we started daycare.  I wrote about her coughing, etc. here at the beginning of our Boulder trip.  Turns out it was an ear infection (which my Grandma told me before we left.  Listen to your elders!)  James has taken her to the Doc twice now, we didn't know the first antibiotics were supposed to be refrigerated.  Hoping these ear infections don't stick around, I know a lot of babes have to get new tubes in, etc.  Maybe this summer will be a nice break from the other babes and she'll be sickness-free for awhile.

Trying to get into the Spring of things...or the swing of Spring?  It's staying lighter later.  Told myself I would run today from the second I got up, but I've felt so lazy today!  Let's use the morning snow as an excuse.  Or not wanting to change my clothes.  Looking forward to having a my clothes-storage in my own room in just five short months!

starting to dream about living here in just two months!

Mulling over the Double Dip.  A double... double dip?  More on that soon, I think.  For now, I'll work on going for a hike tomorrow and pay more attention to my eating aka show some restraint for the endless fatiguing carbs that continue to obstruct my path.

Mt. Sentinel from the West

More self-motivation for work tomorrow (jumpin' this week and it feels good):
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