Wednesday, May 22, 2013

blue, boatman

Said goodbye to Mr. Wonderful this morning.  This week, my eyes have filled with tears for many reasons.  My heart clenches in pain for loved ones dealing with unfair loss and struggle.  Blue, the color of our planet from far, far away.  Today's rain shows my inside-out reflection.  Bright green drenched in gray.      

Yesterday, he moved furniture and boxes to our new storage unit.  Afternoon tennis with friends, happy times with baby, then out to Florence for my choir concert- a babysitter night!  I beamed at him from the stage while strumming "Ho Hey" with my 7th Graders.  Following the concert, my love expertly dismounted the sound equipment and described his favorite pieces, as he's done countless times before.

We enjoyed a brief celebration, with poetic toasts and too many nachos, tiredly talking about the students we work so hard for, Crosby Stills & Nash harmonizing time with my jester.  Locking eyes, chuckling.  I miss spur-of-the-moment dates, but our connection is more sacred these days.

Tonight, the bungalow is more spacious, in a random, discombobulated way.  Josey's missing her toy shelf in the hallway- Tupperware tote #36 is her new makeshift play station.  Our bed is in storage, waiting for us in August.  James'll sleep under our favorite mountains and wake to his familiar rhythm, getting the boathouse and the Morning Eagle and Chief Two Guns ready for another season.

Soon, there'll be mountain-man stories of bear and moose sightings, mamas with their little tiny Spring babies just introduced to the world.  I can picture all the details.  My soul has Many Glacier all over it, or Many Glacier my soul all over it.  Either way, he'll think of me.

Grateful for our special life in those mountains, as blue as I am now.  Grateful for having someone to be blue over, too.   The most human color.  So grateful.  

"Saying farewell now just means we're another step closer to an incredible summer."
For now, we'll dream.

{Stars over Glacier National Park}

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