Thursday, May 2, 2013

the blight of creativity

The lightbulb, it comes on for me.  A lot.  Need a great idea?  I've got 10.  This is why I'm typing instead of snuggling.  

The beginning, that's my thing.  First impressions, making friends... no problem.  As a choir teacher, I'm learning to better rehearse the ends of the pieces, and plan for strong endings (and beginnings) to concerts.  Endings, they take foresight, preparation and patience.  But ah, the smell of strong completion (or is that summer?)

When I go home to the river, my Grandpa and my Dad want me to fish.  I usually say, "Maybe later".  My impatience usually gets the best of me on that rock.

Will I love to fish again?  Yes, siree.  When the time is right, I'll be wandering a creek with my rod.

A boy from Romania once asked me about my childhood during a conversation at Many Glacier.  I didn't have an immediate answer. so he quipped, "you've always had a lot of planned activities, haven't you?"  He hung out with friends, read, or listened to music after school.  I had a weekly schedule of dance classes, art classes, piano lessons, sports, practicing, homework, and church.  But, how did he know that about me?

His question still sits with me.  How did my busy upbringing affect me?  How is a busy upbringing affecting my tired students?   

Today I collected neon entry forms for what would've been our first 6-12 Talent Show.  Without enough entries, the show could not go on.  I (and many others) like the idea, so I think it will be day.

To be creative AND effective, sometimes you have to take a break from the creating.  Review ideas, organize, synthesize, act.  Hone in on basics.  Say no.  Bring it full circle where you can.

Time's a tickin.  I'll stop ignoring those ZZZ's now, bon soir.

Oh & can you believe it's May?  Change your calendar- it's gonna fly!


*Forgot to mention: at least three people have told me not to "burn out" in separate conversations.  That's another one that sticks.  Make it work.

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