Sunday, May 5, 2013

choir chatter: director swag

{Vienna Opera House}
Sometimes, I yearn for the fashion of Vienna.  Pretty much every other sentence I uttered in my time there was, "look at her outfit!" or "I love those shoes!"  I'll hear those exclamations from my students in Seattle later this month!

Back in Montana.... at least some of us are trying?!  This weekend was State Music Festival and I am quite proud of my students.  Over the weekend, I observed the style of adjudicators, accompanists, and directors alike.  Saw the whole gamut from lovely & chic to yikes, did you know this was a formal event?  

I'll admit, I'm especially sensitive now.  On the Friday of District (Josephine's Birthday), I wore my gap khakis, a nice blouse, and clicky flats with a cute print.  Church style, nice, pretty.  After our performance, our form had a note for ME about my attire!  I was mortified, having had drilled my students about not forgetting their black dress shoes and robes, and think of myself as a classy gal!  "When we ask our students to dress professionally, we too should be in concert attire."
Won't EVER miss that one again!

I turned it around by rocking a new black blazer this weekend- found at Goodwill for $11.99, yo!  That cute little number (rather than the cardigan I chose for District) gave me an estimated 10-15% more confidence.  "Blazers immediately add shape and give authority."  {Rashida Jones on the Power of the Blazer}  On the hunt for more this Spring!

{H & M: I desperately miss one on every corner, A Seattle must.}

I decided in college to never perform without a little sparkle while enjoying a performance of one of my favorite pianists, New Yorker Lydia Brown.  She often wore knee-high leather stilettos, red lipstick and simple gems.  Musical wisdom just pours out of Lydia, and it was magical to listen to her play and see glints of sparkle from the audience.  I live and sleep in these gem studs and still get compliments on them all the time.  Conveniently, Missoula's boutique One Eleven is having a little 25% off sale this weekend...

Gain another quick 10-15% increase confidence with a click in your step. My recent favorite Goodwill shoe find is a pair of shiny, heeled booties which I love to pair with tights and a dress.  I love the business and the glare of these shiny penny loafer heels.

{add a pencil skirt and we're in business}

Another must-add for confidence is checking out your backside BEFORE your performance.  90% of your time in performance is with your behind front and center, and underwear lines or wrinkles are not a good distraction for the audience.  If you're not a thong person, treat yourself to a slip- I love mine!  Slips are completely essential throughout my week for keeping my skirts from awkwardly clinging to tights.  The silky feel is calming, too.
{comfy confidence}

Love this outfit (tried Polyvore for the first time- fun!).  Some items are a bit expensive for thrifty, clearance-only me, but I'll keep a lookout for my dream finds!

choir teacher wear
choir teacher style
When I look and feel good, I become a beacon of confidence for my students.   
Individuality  + professionalism = teacher swag!


  1. I love those shoes, but I find I can't wear heels for anything where I'm going to be in them all day. My feet just die. I can't feel confident and professional when I'm in pain!

    I have a "professional" outfit (blazer included!) that I wear for District/State/MMEA convention/anything like that every year. It gets old, but at least it's reliable. I would actually feel much MORE put together if I let myself wear a skirt, but I can't stand riding on a bus in skirts and nylons. A certain part of me just wants to be comfortable, and nylons are not that.

    I'm looking forward to our spring concerts in the next week. Typically I wear a long black formal dress for concerts (actually, it's my college choir dress!), but everybody lightens up a bit for the spring concert and I think I will wear one of my fun spring dresses--it will be a nice change!

    1. Awesome, Jacklyn! The heels definitely take practice/stamina, and they are a change for me. I'm excited about my Spring concert dress, too!



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