Thursday, May 16, 2013

choir chatter: oranges, POW!

"I imagine you, sitting at your kitchen table, with an orange." -Elizabeth

Aww, Josey is growing up so fast!  You guys!

Here she is eating one of her favorite foods, even though she says APple!  Lots of laughs.

Into the bath and quite serious, inspecting bubbles, then standing up and messing around with the faucet, when she pulls up on the spout and the shower starts a little.  I have never seen those eyes so big and spooked!  Since her shower light bulb was already on and we both needed one, I thought we'd try...  It went pretty well, although she was still scared.  She's grown to be more and more of a snuggler.  Brief, but so full of love!  Our newest bed-time ritual is peek-a-boo, initiated by JJ.  She puts her hands on my eyes, then pulls back with the hugest, most excited grin, then I hide her eyes and we giggle more.

She glows.

In other news, I'm getting more techy!  Quite the love/hate relationship with technology this year with receiving a Valentine Grant for everything from computer to Promethean to Sibelius 7, plus other adjustments like a my new laptop with a different operating system (Windows 8).  So many teaching, musical & blogging ideas, and needing to catch up with the times so I can make them happen.  Continuation of blight of creativity to deal with, I suppose, but then I'm reminded: "act yourself into a new way of thinking", so I'm tackling it.

Starting with a POW!  (A Pile of Wow, idea found here

Determined to use technology to my advantage to make the most of my creativity.  Here's a start, reorganized apps, all great tools, ready to be used.  I have this terrible habit of bypassing all the amazing tools on my phone for social media!  Let's work on using this smart phone to get smarter, shall we?  Mantra: you are what you repeatedly do.

The thing is, I love social media.  The other thing is I love it way too much.  But, I'm actually pretty efficient if I just log in once a day.  Lurking... such a gross word, but that's how it gets sometimes.  So, 9-9:30, that's my social media time.  Otherwise, birds, flying far far away.

I: You are what you repeatedly do. :I

In three years, I've repeated less lessons than I can count on my fingers- materials out the wazoo.  I guess that means I'm creative and crazy, but we knew that, right?  Finally getting to the point where I'm ready to start sprinkling in things I've done before, actually create a plan in advance- for a whole year.  Binders, file cabinets, notebooks, notebooks, and more notebooks, computer programs, pictures, video and audio files, endless...  Going through it all is daunting, just gonna take it one step at a time.  Synthesize.  Lining up some POW projects to post here over the next months and see where that goes.

In related news, I uploaded my library to Google Music, which just came out, and is only 7.99 a month if you sign up now (going to give it this free trial, but I'm not sure about it working at Many Glacier without internet or burning cds).  I have used Spotify a bit, too, but it crashes, and iTunes just doesn't work well with Windows 8...  looking for something new.  Any tips on music management?  It's bringin' me down right now!

{Oh, and gave my blog a mini-makeover for Spring.  What do you think?  Excited to design a banner and signature by hand... such a fun creative outlet here!}

Next up in the POW:
-Learning how to upload and edit video and audio from my new recorder.  Hoping embed a song or two from last weekend...

Also in the works:
Planning a Tour Part 1 (we leave in two weeks!)
Sunday Sweetness: 13 (Josey + A Beautiful Mess app-talk about wonderfully addicting = love)

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