Thursday, May 23, 2013

five-minute friday: view

Go up. 
For a vista, a still moment, a plateau. 
Soon we'll splash and stroke. 

Behind, this year of amazing discovery and growth.

Of days flying by, half-baked routines and unfinished to-dos.

Surviving on less and less sleep, determination source unknown,
procrastination source clear.

Running on caffeine & fumes, giggles & cuddles- and writing.

Reflect now and later. 
Rearrange, clear out the clutter, file it away. 
Take notes for next time & smile! 

Ahead, my family runs

Growing stronger, happier, and fuller.

Laughing, confident and more andante,

I linger behind them and breathe in the view.

{This post is for FMF}


  1. Running on giggles & cuddles certainly improves the view, doesn't it? Keep breathing it in. Thanks for sharing.

  2. "procrastination source clear..."

    read that and laughed out loud. i so get that one!

    great write this memorial day weekend. how you enjoy some great views with your crew these next few days!



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