Sunday, May 19, 2013

sunday sweets: 13

This little explorer is thirteen months today!  
Once we hit the year point, fast forward kicked into a new speed.

Soundtrack for this post = new Jamily song!
(originally by Iron & Wine)

Somehow, we are half-way through MAY, which happens to be National Bike Month?!?
Well, yay for biking!  

Josey got bike attachment for our stroller for her birthday, and James got us all set up!
Thanks Mimi and Papa!  

Looking at water, taking off helmets.

Crankster after a long ride and entertaining at a music teacher's meeting.  
yep, I'm a biker-mom.

Biking with Josey is fun.  It's a lot different than running with a stroller or biking on your own.  Less freedom, having to slow down.  Isn't that what parenthood's about, just a little bit?

Tennis baby
James wrapped up a stellar first Tennis Season as Head Coach, learning quick and working diligently.  He's a great role model and coach and they're lucky to have him.  We are so proud of him and we're excited to go to the HHS Tennis banquet on Monday!

A spin on James' last practice of the season.  
In other news, Josey's diet has been changing, she's not a fan of us feeding her pretty much anything by spoon.  More picky and more morsels on the floor.  When we go out to eat, I am seriously embarrassed of our mess- scrambling to clean up, apologizing profusely!  Somehow, we can become like those French kids and be neat and tidy (#inmydreams)

Favorite foods: garbanzo beans, tomatoes, ORANGES!

Speaking of, "Bringing Up Bebe" is a solid read.  I strongly recommend it for all new & active moms.  As a wanna-be French girl, I am savoring every page, and there's a 100% chance I'll re-read.

One of the many things the book is helping me with is communicating with Josey.  She's starting to... not tantrum...but, spout.  A full-on show, bottom lip out, heaving, if you take away something she's playing with, ie my favorite felt-tipped lavender pen (washable markers just in for our budding artist!)


According to Druckerman, the French assume inherent understanding of their babies and communicate with them like adults from the beginning.  Whether it's sleeping difficulties in those early, rough times, or using the command "attend" (wait) all the time, the French are talking to their children about what's happening.  This approach is working with Josey overall.  Calmly explaining like, "You need your diaper changed.  You have to wait," sometimes results in her listening and just staring at me.  As soon as I get even slightly mad, or utter the word "No," she is excited, and wants to stir it up more! The little diva understands much more than she can verbalize at this point, but her expressions are getting more refined (I need to record her jabbngabbn!  Quite hilarious.)

Like in any relationship, our communication is key.

Nervous to leave this girl for 6 days!  How do I warn her?

Not excited for this next month of family separation.  Twice a year, James goes up to the Park, I stay here and teach.  The topper- I'm leaving for a 6 day tour with my students soon!  I haven't been away from Josey for nearly this long!  I know she'll be in good hands with Daddy and Grammy & Grandad, but I think we'll miss each other too much.  While I'm dreading that part, I'm looking forward to introducing my students to some adventure and culture on the West Coast!  We'll all be enjoying summer soon!

Get on your bikes and ride!

PS: I like this "Sunday Sweets" idea.  Going to TRY to update y'all with family photos and some music twice monthly.... as a Sunday Sweet.  We'll see... not signing a contract or anything.  ;)

Love is the best sensation

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