Monday, May 27, 2013

mtn mama: take time in life

Hello Everybody!

I hope ya'll had a Merry Memorial Day weekend!
I just love alliteration (haven't you noticed?)

Josephine James and I had a nice one.  She loves drawing & any writing tools- it is so cute!

Nice to have a tiny breather- some fresh air, feng-shui, a little kitchen experimentation, exercise, flowers, chatting, drawing, organizing and lots of little hugs.  Cycled through another batch of Josey-clothes: 18 months.  Why is it that a onesie can make my heart clench and I can't get rid of it? The best little memories.  Completely unreal how much I love this chica who is getting so big!

I'm excited to know that you're visiting!  Lots of encouragement lately- so thanks.  Loving this little platform to document, process, create, and folks to share with.  Space and folks = groovy.  Categories set that I love to write about.  Fabulous works and ideas in the gate, but they'll just have to wait.  Summertime will be full of stories and inspiration and time to document and share.  Until then, have to trust:

Live now, process here later.  

Love grows 
I miss you.

'cause you've got far away to go
(I'll be back on my birthday, which is in two short weeks!  
Until then, feel free to catch up on anything you might have missed.)

PS.  I'm back.  Taking the time to write here what I shared on instagram yesterday, because I think it's important, and should be here too.  

"Thanks @yogagirl for the prompt: #GratitudeMonday.  For my sweet, dramatic, gabtastic, curious lady baby: I'm grateful for her spunk, even when she challenges me which seems to be often!  Thankful for all the little gems she's teaching me and reminding me of.  The courage, too.  I can do anything if I can be a mom! 

....Grateful also for those who have lost their lives too soon and for the lessons & spirit they leave with us always.  #GratefulEveryDamnDay"

Back to the books.  Scram!  

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