Sunday, May 5, 2013

the Pledge

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A.  Rock to  “The Great TV Rebellion” by the Missoula Coyote Choir!    
B. Keep it classy with “Spanish Pipedream” by John Prine.    

This weekend my mother helped us out with Josey while James and I operated on High School schedules.  Lovely times.  She thought it interesting that I (randomly) chose the official Screen-Free Week to post put it down (the net).  In her Elementary Library, teaching Media Literacy among other things, she’s promoted what I remember as TV-Turn-Off Week for years, but I’ve never participated.  

In reality, last week was just a warmup. With an upcoming gig this weekend {Emily’s Favorites at Finn and Porter on Mother’s Day Eve- please do attend!}, a lengthy to-list for the fast-approaching West Coast Tour, and a need for improved focus and presence and...self-control, the timing is right for a week off.  

In Glacier, with nature, this spiral I’ve gotten myself into would unwind due to circumstance (aka no cellphone service or net) as it always does.  

Alas, I’m here with Josey for another 6 weeks with practice, travel arrangements, and spreadsheets, and potential to attend to.    

So-- I signed it! The Screen-Free Pledge!  Official, declared break from anything online that isn’t related to work.  Who care’s that it’s typically technically a week late?!  I often make things a big deal to make them happen so  blabbing about big change is usually my first step on the road of improvement.  
For me, the challenge means:
  • Deleting a few apps (Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook) from my smart-phone for the week, and keeping it charging while at home.  
  • Setting my Stay Focusd at school and at work with stricter controls (no Twitter, Blogger ;(, etc.)  
  • No youtube for my lessons (been trying to move away from anyway.  More on that later.)  
  • Asking husby to keep the diligence on Craigslist (we are apartment-hunting!)
  • Resolving to take pictures next weekend (I can't can live a day without taking a photo.)
  • Saving my favorite show, Nashville, for next weekend    ;(
  • No gluten.
Does the last bit surprise you?  When I eat carbs like bagels, bread, cookies, I become the Laziest Girl In Town.  Throughout my years of food issues and resolves, I can say without hesitation that carbs make me crabby and tired but for some annoyingly sad reason I’m drawn to them.  When I’m gluten-aware, I’m simply happier and more productive.
{Need gluten-free inspiration? Check my amazing friend Amy’s blog: Food.Fashion.Art}
I believe it’s vital to unplug, step outside, breathe deep, remove distraction- often
As a teacher and mother, I want to model responsible internet use, therefore being more present and aware in everyday life.

What about you? Do you think a week off is necessary/possible in your life?
(sign up to be an "organizer" to see their great materials)
“There’s one sure thing parents can do to help their kids learn, regardless of
financial means: Forbid them from watching television on school nights.”


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