Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Birthday Gift

Today was the first time I’ve ever had school on my birthday.  It was the LAST DAY, thank the Lord!  When I walked in, my beautiful carpool (who I’ve been missing terribly for the last month while James has been gone) surprised me to tears with a sweet “Happy Birthday” serenade.  Oh, carpool love.  The connections in my life are growing and deepening as I get older.  I love that.  In this next year, I’m striving to have more meaningful relationships in all facets of my life as I follow my light (as crazy as it sometimes seems).

Kettlecorn made with love for my 7th graders

I felt more gratified today, reflecting on a year full of living and learning and hard work.  Watched video of my students performing, my heart clenching while I remember why I do what I do.  The thing that I am called to do.  Connecting with students.

Definitely craving time on the trail to unwind this summer, thankful for Many Glacier and this upcoming time to process, plan ahead, and focus on my family.  We had a sweet time on Waterworks Hill today, I asked two kind brothers (who I happened to know from years back) to snap a portrait on our way down.  Love this flirty, feisty cupcake on my back.


I’ve run myself ragged this year, and my eyes and skin show it.  I know I need more sleep, but in the meantime, I treated myself to Bija Body Anti-Aging Body care a little early (with green light from James, who digs the yummy scent AND loves his happy mtn mama) I've been cherishing this treat during end of school/moving stress.  The consistent state of “hot mess” that I seem to be living in needs that extra piece of zen, and who doesn't want to feel pretty?

Opening a package from BijaBody is the best!

I fell in love with the BijaBody Blog a few years ago and reading it was a big inspiration in starting my own site.  Make sure to scroll down to “more articles” for Melissa’s wise expertise on health + beauty- I’m gained many helpful lessons from her, like eating carrots for your skin, drinking apple cidar vinegar, healthy travel habits, and much more.   

Thoughtfulness behind every single one of BijaBody’s products is evident just by looking at the label or reading her posts.  As a reader and customer for a couple years, I know BijaBody truly cares about each order and each customer.  When my friend Brenna brought me to our first-ever clothing swap several years ago, Melissa struck me as the kind of friend I want to be: outgoing, encouraging, and honest.

Click on the slide!
Lovely BijaBody ingredients
At the suggestion of my dear (carpool) friend Amy, BijaBody is the first business I'm choosing to  partner with here.  I respect the ideals this company stands for, who & where it comes from, and… these products are just the luscious!  Ask my Grandma Vicki, or try some for yourself!   

A gift for us all- 10% off your order with BijaBody for the rest of June!  Everything is sure to make you feel more healthy, lovely, and whole.  The Serum + Scrub is your skin's answer for long days in the sun, on the trail, in the water this summer.  Start with a sample if you can’t decide, they are lovely and generous and perfect for travel!

Love your body, love yourself!  Thanks for the birthday wishes today, for being here and sharing in life's journey with us.  Don’t forget to follow your light!  xo

*Please enter code “peacerocks” upon checkout after you shop and let me know what you purchased in the comments below!  Enjoy!* 

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