Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Sweets: Transitions

Hope you had a great weekend!  Time with Brynne, Metta, AND Grandma was a real treat here.  Trying to be zen about packing.

Lots of transitions-  Miss JoJo Bean is workin’ on walkin’ and p a t i e n c e…missy is used to scampering everywhere like a lightning bolt.  So cute & exciting to see her getting a couple steps here and there- priceless proud grins!  It won’t be long ‘til I’m chasing her all over the place.  Hard not to want to constantly video every little thing, too.  Baby GoPro!?

Today was graduation, tomorrow is 8th grade promotion, then one more day!  I will miss this group of Seniors.  Graduations are always inspirational - I went through my fair share of kleenex.   Our valedictorian has a super contagious smile, and he played drumset on “Seasons of Love” with us today and several other pieces throughout our time together.  His speech brought tears to my eyes, coming from the perspective of youngest of 6.  He started by quoting the late Whitney Houston and made us all laugh.  Mike noted “Get up on time" as one of his humble tips, but is one of those people who just leads by example.  Again- we’ll miss this group!   

Their keynote speaker was thespian and father of another awesome grad.  Dr. Randy Bolton from UM Drama imparted “Seven Truisms” to the students, sharing my favorites (with permission):

2.  Proceed with increased openness and acceptance of others (but exercise some intelligent skepticism and appropriate cynicism).

6. Walk in the world with confident, proud, and solidly grounded steps.

7. Always let your natural, big sense of Wonder work in all things. 

Much to attend to in the bungalow, so I'll leave it at that.

In the spirit of tradition & transitions, the latest in Josey-life: 

Yay!  Mom & Dad together for an evening!
Bouldering with Daddy while I was away
Market with Mets!
Perfect Saturday with the chicas
Mouth full of dirt, crazy fun steps

Sunday with Grandma
Life is good.
Going to bust ass for one more week (Mamalode Playlists for increased momentum), 
and...a week from now we'll be reunited with James!
Have a fantastic week!  More here very soon! 

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