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I started feeling fat when I was in elementary school, distinctly, I remember a conversation about my "fat calves" with a friend in 2nd grade.  My life has held patterns of disordered eating for some time. Thankfully, my parents are amazing and they communicated well with me, and encouraged me to go to counseling for most of my teenage life.

Disordered eating is rarely ever talked about, save for the rare story which is big and large and dramatic and all-too-detailed.  My own eating disorder was encouraged by such stories, intrigued by the attention achieved by such drama.  The last thing I want in the whole world is to encourage anything like that.  Still, I hope that by carefully sharing the lessons of my journey, I can help others.

I've found, through therapy, journals, and experience, that the two worst triggers through my struggle with food are processed sugar & wheat.

This is why I chose to become Gluten-Aware last year.  I noticed a big shift in my body mass, attitude (much less cranky), my appetite (much less ravenous), and my mental clarity.  You are what you eat applies to me, big time.  Making protein and greens a priority greatly shifts my mental state.

Still, like coffee or the internet, or even drugs & alcohol, food is an addiction.  However, it's necessary fuel.  It's just not possible to get rid of all the bread, cookies, and candy bars in the world.  Especially when you spend half the year living in a house full of people, or when you go home for the holidays.

I know that some people who read this site specifically because they appreciate my sharing of my various struggles.  So, welcome!  If you are struggling, please seek help.  Reach out.  Go to a counselor if you can and have a notebook ready.  Ask lots of questions and get some steps for help.  Then, ask a friend or a teacher or parent to help you check in with your eating.  Accountability is gold in recovery.

The other biggest aid in recovery & in life, is listening to yourself.  Our minds & bodies are so closely linked, and the more we appreciate those signals, acting on intuition, the more peace we'll find.

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Our cooking style is pretty basic, we rarely work off of recipes, often just experiment with ingredients and try to eat a balance of different foods.

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