Saturday, July 27, 2013

Play, Play, Play

{with the brothers in 2009}

I'm thinking of my love & his brother, grooving at the Gorge to #Phish2013.  If you didn't know, the Gorge is an awesome amphitheater on the Columbia River, and Phish is James & his brother Andrew' favorite jam band.  Also, many of my beloved friends are dancing in White Sulfur Springs at the third annual #RedAntsPants Festival.  They want me to join... but I know I can't.

I'm writing at the River, with my family, and I need to be.  Processing some recent life events including the second fatal fall at Many Glacier this summer, gearing up for August, showing off our walkin' babe & celebrating my parents' 25 years of marriage.

I can imagine myself dancing with loved ones in both audiences, marveling at the amazing musicians playing on stage, but I'm ok practicing my Martin by the campfire.  Gonna get the guitar!  Love those blues chords!  There have been some amazing jams so far this summer, and I'm so glad to have a month of Hootenanny magic left.  (Many Glacier Lobby, Sundays at 6:30!  Live music!  Y'all Come!)

This summer has been unexpected and beautiful.  Disconnecting from the internet, connecting more with our Boat Co Family, my role as a writer and leader and musician, and getting more in tune with our family values.  I'm thankful and hopeful for the future, bursting with ideas for this blog and for life.  One such is the new Gluten-Aware tab.  The pursuit of these ideas is satisfying when I give myself space & time to grow.

Mamalode themes,  like Grow, help me better access my own ideas as a budding writer-mama.  Plus, through social media,  Mamalode plants many fun & challenging snippets of wisdom.

August's theme is "Play".

I've been taking more time to play with Josephine, stop and do exactly what she wants to do, because I can in the summer!  I'm grateful for my position as a teacher and the summertime with my loves.  It's beautiful to connect in nature, advance in communication together, whether talking about flowers, rocks, boats, body parts, singing together.  Babies are so innocent and full of love, and that love just grows!

As a working musician, "Play" also holds a different, more complicated meaning for me.  The feeling of "should play" ("should practice") sits with me often and has from a young age.  I often hear stories of friends who regret giving up an instrument or activity, especially the piano.  With that idea, I was inspired to write & submit this poem.

My piano teacher, Cinda passed away 2 years ago this November.  I think of her all the time, as her influence still shapes the musician and human I am today.  It feels quite right to share her poem now, while James jams at the Gorge, our friends dance at #redantspants, and I listen to wind chimes and birds and chatter at the River, playing guitar for my fam.

{Phish @ the Gorge, 2009}
Play, play, play.

30 minutes a day.
Set the timer, count aloud,
make it sparkle,
even out.


Caress your favorite passage… (Repeat!)

Is it practice or is it play?!
…30 minutes a day...

When it’s time to share a song,
When they ask, will it be gone?

Where is music’s freeing flow?

Those depths and heights, emotions and dreams,

are sweet

Play on, my dear.
Play, play.


{I love you, Cinda}

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