Wednesday, July 17, 2013

R + R: Screen Time for Me Time

Ah!  Many Glacier was beautiful this morn, rose early to travel South, solo.

My computer is being repaired... the disc drive isn't working which is like, 65% of what I want to do with it.  Maybe I should've gotten a MacBook....

Alas, my other posts for today in Livewriter (BijaBody!  & CC: C!!) are on hold.  Blogging without net is like... Typing.  Adding the photos & links is more difficult in the summer.  Next year, I imagine I'll schedule an hour or two weekly to solely blog.  Saving little bits for next year as I write this summer!

Now, iPhone thoughts:

{Technology shouldn't be the bane of our intelligence, we must use it to grow.  So let's break that gap of not talking about what we see about each other online, and letting what we choose to see make us feel insufficient.  Why?}

Anywho, they say you should cease the screens a couple hrs before zzzz's...   or something.  I know that screen time accelerando in the wee hours all too well.  Plus, the new TIME is calling my name!

Looking to be my ideal version of myself. Share that journey & enjoy.  Raise a sweet family, lift everybody UP.  

PS: I dreamt Digthischick saved me from not having enough food at the boathouse.  She & her homegrown Missoula clan served the hungry boat captains!  
Maybe we'll meet here in Missoula!  I know I'll be stocking up on healthy snacks before I leave.  We're all turning into potato chips with empty cupboards!

Choir inspiration, that's what I'm here for anyway.  A lease would be a sweet bonus. 

PPS: I missed my JJ Bean before I even left.  Don'tcha love that peach?!

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