Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Room to Grow

My little monster is up way past her bedtime
Baby blues like saucers.
First-class entertainment.

Daddy's been gone,
She's on the cusp of walking everywhere, stubborn like him.
I'm a ball of coils,
Exhausted & easily frustrated by her fits.

Mimi says its the antibiotics, I should step outside.  
Papa's got her.

My grandparents have eons of experience, so I listen.
Just one more night here at the river
Before we finally reunite our family of three at our Glacier home, 
unpack the Subaru.

I run up the hill, noticing my shallow breaths.
Storms brewing, night coming.
It will take a lot more than this to unwind me, but it's a step.

Wanting to plunge to the pooling waters below, to
Release all those big expectations, the
Need for perfection.

This awakening of motherhood,
Always so humbling

No more space for the so-and-sos,
Only room to grow and connect.

With the mama, the girl,
& the greatest love.

Just in time for summer.
(June 2013)

This month, Mamalode's theme is GROW.  

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