Wednesday, July 17, 2013


"I need to paddle,"
I'd said, 
"that used to be our lifeblood."

He listened, invited. 

Sent off by a jolly crew, our babe in bed
Birds a-singin'

We headed upstream, laughing victoriously

When time to pull us through the shallows, 
my boatman rolls up his pant legs.
"I feel like a queen!"

Half-moon over pink big brother Allen, 
The Glacier basin open, accepting
Mountain Mama

He muses about the beginnings of life, our earth.  
It's amazing how much we need this wild!

In tin canoe, we turnaround after looking over the erie cavern.
So many cool places in this park!  

We glide.
So does the Great Blue Heron, 
Silhouetted above the pinnacle wall.

Pastel-dabbed clouds & music on my mind, warm lights glow: home.

Our reflection in the Two Guns reminds me when I cried & cried on the roof of that big 'ol boat, 
Afraid we'd never return.  
Ooo lala

Poignant night:

We are still here.
It still feels like the beginning.

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