Thursday, August 8, 2013

Choir Chatter: Roots

A new chapter is unfolding for us!  We're relocating our school-year residence near the Lee Metcalf Wildlife Refuge, south of Florence.  My heart-strings first felt the tug of the Bitterroot 4 Winters ago when James & I stopped for a stroll in Hamilton after a Powder Ski at the local hill.  

That heart-tug led me to a semester of student teaching & weekly ladies nights with Peggy Leonardi, a seasoned, driven artist who's program is known for its strength, numbers, and talent throughout the state.  Increasing support for the arts is a goal, I grew up in Helena's strong support for the Arts and appreciate how special our experience was there.

I've since taught 6-12 choir in Florence for 3 challenging, expansive years.  Whew & awesome!  Florence has some established music traditions, like Cafe Chocolat, our annual vocal dessert show led by our Music Boosters organization.  Last Spring, I took 27 HS singers to Washington on an inspiring tour. opportunities for artistic expression & collaboration are what excite me about going into year 4 in Florence.

Let me tell you about my colleagues. Jennifer is a kind soul who leads her band students to be expressive musicians, while enjoying music & work, too.  A great mentor for me in teaching & motherhood.  Amy is a creative, sensitive betty with a killer sense of humor.  The experience of being in her Art room plain makes life better, whatever you're dealing with.  She's also our Union President, and our school has had a challenging past year.  Constantly raising the bear is our Drama Dept.  Our friend Derk, has made a visible difference in the two years we've taught together.  He's always there to lend a hand, and it's that spirit of cooperation I look forward to continuing in the 'Root.

JJ will go to daycare a block from my school!  Goodbye 1-hr delay in a baby-emergency, hello lunchdates with Josey!  We will play at Hideout Mountain, a sweet park built by the community.  I'm excited to fuse these facets of my life together, be the best music-teacher-mama I can!  

Family + School = Community.  
Community through music is beautiful.  I've seen it time and again.  

Hope to increase positivity, love for music, and life value where I am.  Roots are growing in Florence, visible & under-earth growth, and I think there will be many good surprises this year!  Striving to bring my love for Choral Education & love for blogging closer together this year.  Here we go!  

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