Monday, August 12, 2013

Open, my Heart

My heart is full of love.
Sometimes, often, 


Over the edge, 
like periwinkle paint on chestnut. 
Blue is my color again.  

Darker, stormier // Brighter, funnier
Realizations of the world today.  
Being a mother means a world of emotions. 
Anxiety frequents with long, deep breaths to cope.

I open up through writing, 
Risking rejection, fighting perfectionism & comparisons.  
Like performing, it ain't easy, but it feels right for me!  

::My heart shattered at her first cry.  
I couldn't stand to hear the sound!  
Yesterday, she fell hard on the trail.  
Took the wind right outta me::

There will be those falls & disappointments & scares


My Dad says, "keep your expectations low & work hard."  Trying!  
They say, "you can light up someone's day with your smile!"  It feels good to smile.  Feels better to laugh.

my heart! 

Make room for more patience,
More truth, more trust, 
burn a light of peace.

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