Wednesday, August 14, 2013

R + R = Mantras for Anxiety

I feel lucky & blessed in many ways.  For example, the opportunity in the summer for healing and resetting.  Last Spring, I got too busy, too overwhelmed, too strung out.  Did it to myself.  Full blown panic attacks left me feeling paralyzed & desperate.  Feelings of anxiety are stronger since becoming a mom.  Somewhere between Josey's tongue-tie procedure & Sandy Hook, I found myself with a new set of emotions to deal with.

With school just around the bend, I need to deal with my anxiety proactively.  My time in therapy has taught me to make lists for my ailments.  Get it out there.  Rather than divulge the scenarios that make me anxious, here are some mantras worth sharing.  

1.  "I am doing what I can, I give my daily best."  It's easy to focus on what we should & could be doing.  How about recognizing the simple, lovely progress of each day?  Make a mental list of things you did right, don't waste energy on negative self-talk.  Trust & love your efforts.

2.  "I can only do so much." It's true.  Raising expectations can be a road to unhappiness, but celebrating your unique gifts as part of humanity and the whole, that's a better way to productivity.  

3.  "What they are thinking is none of my business."  I'm often overwhelmed with thoughts of others--their happiness, their satisfaction with me.  Rather than worrying so much, I'm choosing to focus on integrity, trusting my actions & words.  We all make mistakes, we can all disagree.  Discuss concerns thoughtfully if they arise, share peace.  

4.  "Thank You for..."  Leaders need help.  Give thanks to family, roommates, friends, students, creation...anyone who helps out & contributes to positivity.  Feels good to appreciate & be appreciated!

5.  "Breathe."  My breath has been shallow, sporadic, and I tend to hold air without thinking.  Sometimes, I count breaths, listening to make them more even.  Yoga breath (sounds like Darth Vader) helps calm me, too.  In through the nose, out through the mouth.  10x to calm.  



  1. Great post Emily. As someone who suffers from anxiety and depression, these are great reminders. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Thank you Jimbo! One day at a time. Love y'all!



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