Thursday, September 26, 2013

My Morphine

Since I posted at the beginning of this week about our phone switcheroo, I've noticed more similar sentiments about the bane of social media.

Here and here, just a couple examples..  

So we agree that it's negative in many ways, and it's hard to escape that negativity. Like a drug. Let's say... morphine.  Or, cereal, or nintendo, or beer, or TV.  A way to numb yourself from the hardships of everyday life, which happens to be quite sad at times.  Louis C.K. talked about this in his viral anti-cell phone rant, and it comes up again and again in the conversation about social media.  How it's a non-productive way for humans to distract themselves from being still.

When I ask myself, "how do I feel?" after lingering too long online, the answer is numb and/or anxious.  The thing is, the internet is not going away, and it still helps me work and look up chords and information and send silly emails to my girlfriends.

Josey and I shared Lentil Soup to the sweet dreary croon of Gillian Welch on this drizzly, chilly evening.  Our friends were here the past two nights, and we were missing them already.  After we finished eating, JJ wanted to "sit down" on the stool, so I perched the laptop on the table and we watched videos of Gillian and Dave.

She pointed to the screen, matter-of-factly exclaiming, "Mommy Daddy.  Mommy Daddy.  Mommy Daddy!"

My heart swelled with pride.  That's who she thinks we are.  Oh yeah!  Flashback to Sundays this summer, baby surrounded by Boat Co Family, pointing and exclaiming at her parents playing music in the Hootenanny.  

Music is me.  My spirit soars when I'm in my element of performance.  Numb would be the opposite of any feelings I have with music.  Impassioned, relieved, invigorated, yep- those adjectives.

When I play for students and see inspiration in their eyes, tears sometimes prickle in mine.

"Mrs. Hackethorn.  Why don't you try out for The Voice?"

I usually laugh, but from now on, my answer is going to be, "You know, anything is possible."

Music make the pain better than numb.
Music is a gift without expiration.
Music is better than morphine and better than the internet.

I am at choice, so I choose music.
(Right now, I choose music in the form of Nashville Season 2 Premiere.)

Have a great weekend!  xoxo

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