Sunday, September 22, 2013


Have you seen this video?  Watch it!  Louis C.K. hates cell phones.  I think they're toxic, too.

Today, James and I switched phones.  I've had an iPhone for two years, and he rarely knows where his is.  I've become glued to mine in an ugly way, especially since emerging from a summer without internet.

Louis C.K. talks about that emptiness we all feel.  Glennon Melton writes about it in her book too, which I want to reread.  These holes we all feel in our hearts, constantly filling them with the wrong things.

I've been lonely.  Living out here in the country. This new place is beautiful, but isolating at the time.  I'm used to living with 10 people, and now there's one.  She's amazing and fun and never stops talking, and between taking 10 thousand pictures of her on my phone, or while she's sleeping, I've contrived an unending, compulsive sequence of circulating through Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter.

So, we switched phones.  Win-win, James gets to try a Smart gadget, and I don't think I'll be obsessed with the circa-2000 flip Samsung.

I just don't want to be obsessed with anything at all.

So, like that fiery-haired comedian, I'm going to acknowledge my feelings, my sadness.  Try not to numb them with the internet or food or drink.

Go for a run, dance with my girl, be grateful.

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