Saturday, October 19, 2013

Mtn Mama: Love 1.5


Josey is 18 months- such a fun age!

Can't believe it's been half a year since the light of our lives turned one

 We are so thankful.  

A list of my right-now loves of Josephine James:
  • I love how you add the suffix "o" or "a" to everything you're excited about.  Hiya!  Pen-o! 
  • I also love how you repeat everything you're excited about.  "Booka booka booka book."
  • I love how you scrub the bathroom walls and are so intent on watching drops of water fall off your toys.  My little inspector.
  • I love your deep chuckle, when I make you laugh your hardest.  
  • I love how you give me your feet to do "this little piggy"
  • I love how you sing the beginning of "Row Row" & "Twinkle Twinkle"
  • I love the way you bop to the music.  
  • I love your banter all the way to school- you always have so much to talk about and it's always very exciting!
  • I love your eyes and all the expression they hold.  
  • I love how you ask for hug after hug when I drop you off at daycare.  
  • I love your snuggles.  You are growing more and more snuggly with age (when I'm lucky).  
  • I love how you ask for my hand, to help or to hold.  
  • I love how you love to run in the chariot.  Best running partner ever- always ooo-ing and ah-ing at the scenery, and saying "HI!" when I stop and look at you.  
  • I love the way you love brushing your teeth.  
  • I love your stubbornness, and how you don't do something unless you want to.  This is a challenging quality of yours, but one I admire.  
  • I love the way you love your Daddy.  Daddy Daddy Daddy!  
  • I love your new run.  So cute!  
  • I love how you say "hug" when it's time for goodbye.  Over and over again.
  • I love finding out our commonalities & differences, and how they grow each day.  
  • I love your concentration when we are reading.  Favorite books: Richard Scary, Brown Bear, Sleepy Squirrel, and lots more!
  • I love knowing that everyday, our love grows.  More than I could ever dream.  


  1. Emily, your daughter is so beautiful, and she is so lucky to have you as her mom! What an amazing blog and scrapbook! Love it!

    1. Hi Brenna! Thank you for checking it out- it's fun! How is your little munchkin doing?



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