Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My jean jacket.

Road Trip!  We're admiring orange trees. I love this drive along the Clark Fork Little Blackfoot, love it most this time of year.  

To Helena now for a quick visit with my folks then onto Bozeman for the MMEA (Montana Music Educator's Association) Convention.  Last year marked the 75th Diamond Year.  This is my 8th convention.  

I "packed" last night after a great meeting with our Music Boosters.  Happy and thankful for a supportive group of parents when other people at my school seem totally crazy.  

We assembled Josey's things this morning, James making swift trips to the car while I cleaned up spilled milk and took three "one last trips" into the bathroom/bedrooms.  Packing, it's not my strong suit.  

Stuff- material items- stress me out.  

In a perfect world, my mind would just produce, project, play, whatever I need at will.  My brain lives in zone right, with all the bright colors and the ups and downs.  The rivers of my mind dont easily make roads of organization.  

On our final way out the door, we pondered, "anything in here?" and I gazed at my jean jacket on the couch.  I bought it years ago, at Buffalo Exchange in Bozeman, where I started college.  My hand on Josey, I thought about wearing that jacket to Convention in years past.  I felt pulled to grab it, but something stopped me.  Me.  I told myself I packed plenty of sweaters.

Now, we are driving, and I wish I'd grabbed it and listened to myself.  2 seconds was all it would take.  For my comfy, cute jean jacket, sitting there all lonely on the couch.

How many other things does our intuition tell us?  When we ignore our instincts, what suffers?  

As teachers, as humans we have an inner voice that must be heeded to serve mankind and ourselves.  It could be a tradition (jean jackets included), a hug, a new movement.  Just do it, friend.  

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